Johmid 8 day faux anniversary clock

Discussion in 'Your Newest Clock Acquisition' started by jjccamis, Sep 13, 2017.

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  1. jjccamis

    jjccamis Registered User

    Dec 15, 2009
    Good afternoon,

    I recently acquired a Johmid 8 day faux anniversary clock. It is also referred to as a Schmid 8 day clock. It is a wind up style clock. It has an oval plastic dome and is approximately 5-1/2" tall, 5-1/2" wide and 3-1/2 " deep. It has a small four ball rotating pendulum that turns in one direction only, gear driven by the clock movement. The movement sits on four brass posts, on an oval brass base. The dial is about 2-3/4 in diameter with roman numerals and black hands. The hour hand is made with a small bend in it, not forced. It has a mainspring barrel with a hair spring drive.
    Does anyone know about this clock? Of course I have Googled it and have found one for about $50.

    I collect odd and unique clocks for a hobby. Had to take the movement out and ultrasound it for a couple of hours. Oiled it and put it back together and it runs perfectly.

    Just looking for general information about the clock.

  2. JTD

    JTD Registered User
    NAWCC Member

    Sep 27, 2005
    I have never heard of, or seen, any clock marked Johmid, but I know of several cases where the owner has misread the maker's name, which is actually Schmid. You say 'it is also referred to as a Schmid clock' - presumably because that is what it is.

    You don't say what information you are looking for. Your clock sounds like a modern one and Schmid went out of business in 1996, so it was made before then.

    Not much else I can tell you but it would have been helpful if you had posted a photo.

  3. Burkhard Rasch

    Burkhard Rasch Registered User
    NAWCC Member

    Jun 1, 2007
    General-and trauma surgeon
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    Schmidt Schlenker Schwenningen,a German firm,in operation between 1934 and the mid 1990ies;famous for novelty clocks of many different constructions and of much above average quality.I have a couple of them,some signed DuChateau or Schmidt or SSS.
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