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Discussion in 'Wrist Watches' started by Jeff Hess, Nov 19, 2017.

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    On another thread there is mention of making watch lines and special ordering watches.... I have been doing this and versions of this for a long long time. When Breitling bought out Kelek in the 90's, Kelek were makers of 5-minute wrist repeaters, I had already been buying "Special order" watches from a fellow who owned a small brand called Nivrel owned by my friend Gerd hofer. I was buying special order watches from him at his tiny kiosk sized booth at Inhorgenta show in Munich and selling them on TV. So i read about Kelek going out of business and I called Gerd Hofer and said hey lets see if we can get some of those repeater movements. he was skeptical but I insisted. Gerd did some digging around and came back to me and said ok, these movements are available but we have to buy a quantity and it is not really worth it. I begged him to do it promising to buy 1.3 of the allottment in a special order fo the USA market. No here is where it gets sticky. I insisted that since it was my idea and my money that the watches that came into the USA have the FIRST serial numbers. So they did. From number 1, number 2 etc. These first watches were cheap, they cost me a few hundred dollars if memory serves. But it changed the course or the Nivrel Watch Company. Look them up. Today they are ALL about the wrist repeater. Gerd used to thank me profusely evey time he saw me at a show. But get this! He told me once that he DOUBLE serial numbered those first few watches. IOW, There are TWO number ones. One in USA and one in Germany. TWO number 2's etc! True story.

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