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Interchangebility of Elgin Grade 345 and 479


Registered User
Jun 3, 2009
Toronto, Canada
Dear Learned members

I am planning of replacing Elgin pocket watch movement, size is 12s but both have different grades. 479 is the grade which I intend to replace with Grade 345. These are pretty much the same years (Serial1927 and 1926).
Grade 479 belong to my grandfather's friend and he have another watch which have grade 345. unfortunately, I don't have this 345 grade watch with me right now and my grandfather's friend would bring along with him from UK when he visits us probably at the end of June or so.

Being new to pocket watches, I don't know much about their interchangeability.
Would some one with experience and expertize please give their advice/suggestions.

Jaswant Kamboj


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Aug 26, 2000
Hello Jaswant:

Welcome to the NAWCC American Pocket Watch Message Board!

Is there a reason you are changing movements (I guess you mean taking the grade No. 479 movement out of the case and putting the grade No. 345 movement in the case), instead of having the grade No. 479 movement repaired? The grade No. 479 movement is a slightly better quality (we usually say higher grade, but I don't want to confuse the issue - it has nothing to do with the grade numbers that Elgin assigned to the movements) than the grade No. 345 movement. Besides, if it is a family heirloom you would want to keep it as original as possible.

Somebody else more knowledgeable about 12-size Elgin watches will have to confirm if the grade No. 345, model 3 movement will fit identically in a case that held the grade No. 479 movement, but I think that it will. However, on general priciples, I recommend not doing this.

Good luck,


Registered User
Jun 3, 2009
Toronto, Canada
Dear Kent:

Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I thought about it that by replacing movement, the watch would loose its originality. Actually, these two watches belong to my grandfathers friend. One watch is with me now and the other is still in UK with him. He is visiting us for short time and he want that his pocket watch made working within his short stay here in Toronto. I told him every thing about originality and still he insisted me to go ahead.
That the background.

I would repair the watch which is not working at a later stage.
Being new to pocket watches, I don't want to pressure myself to do repair job with success in prescribed period and I want to do at my own ease because in case I mess up with something (which is more likely to happen), I would have enough time to correct my mistake.

That the background.

I have one more women watch which is not working coming for experimentation and educational purpose of repair of pocket watches.

I do understand that first few could Go(ne) with the Wind

Any expert comments/advice is highly appreciated.


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