Ingraham Liberty Question 3

Discussion in 'General Clock Discussions' started by wbranko, Jan 20, 2019.

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    I will try to remember to post the pictures with the original post this time! Anyway, the Ingraham Liberty I am restoring has a gong that looks like it was a replacement. The screws look "newer", and when I removed the gong for case restoration there was a central hole underneath it directly in the middle that goes all the way through the case. Given the theme (Statue of Liberty), the clock should date to 1886-1900.

    Question: What type of Ingraham gong originally went in these clocks? Can anyone provide me with a photo of the original configuration?

    431682-a093ebd391ecd8f8c35d12188d8e88a6.jpg 431683-148c4540d5b99e42284bde9a196d289e.jpg 431684-fc70060785b799362dab33a5e9f16259.jpg 431685-c6d42e0bd529028debea086ca5a8c2a9.jpg

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