Ingersoll Reliance pocket watch

Discussion in 'American Pocket Watches' started by bigmamiwatches, Jul 16, 2019.

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  1. bigmamiwatches

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    Jul 15, 2019
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    My husband’s grandmother gave me this watch and I have been trying to find more about it. From what I can find online, it’s from the early 20’s and a step up from the dollar watches. It winds and keeps time, decent condition. It has the chain still attached. I find some pictures online but haven’t found a watch with this design.

    80C58CD0-2EED-432E-BAA7-49FB2DB9A8BB.jpeg 2A390296-9F21-4DB9-B106-14BCAC741768.jpeg D3B9DD43-0708-4D5E-97E4-A587C81AA867.jpeg F81D24AC-7AF7-4C7B-9C4D-22DA99739A56.jpeg AED26F42-F6F5-4EE6-8B01-4F0A831BC9B9.jpeg 6D464F7E-536A-4151-A046-6F6F57504A63.jpeg E237D11C-5E76-4716-A685-A2ED4FBA7169.jpeg 928CF9E9-D9B0-441F-A007-02404D1F2151.jpeg 8CDE4176-6FAF-43CD-9B08-1247525BEFF6.jpeg
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    Welcome to the NAWCC Message Board !1

    You have found out the basic information on these watches. There are about 20 of them currently for sale on eBay at this time.

    Because they have nickel plates and 7 jewels they are a step above regular dollar watches . Most of them have a enamel dial which makes them somewhat more appealing.

    I am glad you have a family heirloom for your family to enjoy.

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