Informational Pocket Watch Threads

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Fred Hansen

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Aug 18, 2002
I'm planning to post links here to some interesting past threads from this forum, I've picked out quite a few to organize and post here but it will take a while to finish this and there are many more to come. Once I'm closer to getting through posting these I'll be very interested in any suggestions for new threads to add, or suggestions of how to best organize what is here. In the meantime here is some reading for a start!

Informational Pocket Watch Threads

Quick References for Watch Company's, Case Makers and Jobbers (Wholesalers)
American Watch Company's
Watch Case Makers
Watch Jobbers (Wholesaler's) Catalogs

Dial threads
Fake and reproduction dials
Favorite dials
Montgomery dials
Ferguson dials
Dial cleaning
Rate dial
"The Wells Dial" Elgin 18 size with 4 timezones
Elgin 1873 Interstate Industrial Exposition of Chicago
Keystone Watch Co. black dial
Waltham "Marca Blanco" dial
What causes hairlines?

Case threads
Wadsworth Watch Case W. W. C. Co. Trademark Question
Interesting cases
Cases with wild animals
G.W. Ladd cases
American Watch Case Co. gold cases
Glassback cases
Glassback cases, thread 2
Muckle cases
Baldwin reversible cases
Kenosha "Badger" cases
Pugh Bros.
Robert & Foster cases
Dueber "Railway" cases
Wadsworth "Platold" cases
Montreal Watch Case Co.
Case cleaning
Switching factory cases
Gold scrapping
Gold testing

Watch Company Research threads

Adams & Perry Watch Co. threads
Adams & Perry serial numbers

Aurora Watch Co. threads
Aurora Watch Company Threads and Encyclopedia articles
17 Jewel movements
Adjusted keywind movement
Marked "Extra"

Ball Watch Co. threads
Hamilton-Ball serial #603
Hamilton-Ball grade 938 serials 8701-8800
Hamilton-Ball Adjusted "A"
Hamilton-Ball "Railroad Watch Co."
Hamilton-Ball "Wm. Kendricks" jeweler contract
Hamilton-Ball 18 size grade differences
Hamilton-Ball 18 size Brotherhood marked
Hamilton-Ball 16 size dial
Hamilton-Ball 999 Elinvar
Hamilton-Ball grade 999B
Hamilton-Ball grade 999B
Hamilton-Ball grade 999B Straightline Damaskeen
Hamilton-Ball grade 999B, 2B serial range
Hampden-Ball "High Grade"
Howard-Ball loaner watch and tag
Howard-Ball pics
Illinois-Ball double sunk Roman numeral dial
Illinois-Ball hands
Keystone-Howard Ball
Waltham-Ball B&RP Railway presentation watch
Waltham-Ball wind indicator
Waltham-Ball early cases
Waltham-Ball Official RR Standard hunting case
Waltham-Ball Official RR Standard Pendent-set
Waltham-Ball "Queen"
Ball Hamilton Single Roller Movements
Ball Montgomery dials
Ball Montgomery dials, another thread
Ball 1916 Loaner discussion
Ball Ephemera
Ball 1895 catalog image
Ball boxes
Ball Rockford prototype?
Ball Altitude adjustment?
Does anyone carry their Ball pocketwatch?

Columbus Watch Co. threads
Serial number database
Columbus King ... 25, 23, and 21 Jewel
Columbus Time King
Earliest American keywind?
Gilt adjusted movement

Cornell Watch Co. threads
Cornell Serial Numbers Observed

Elgin Watch Co. threads
Elgin National Watch Co. Threads with Research and other General Information
Factory building photos from 1860's to 1930's
Santa Fe logo dial
Private label research
Grades 155, 161, 243, and 246
Gold colored hairspring and stud
C.H. Hulburd research
B.W. Raymond keywind marking variant
Grades 156 and 162, raised pressed gold jewel settings
Grades 149 and 150
B.W. Raymond Grade 571
B.W. Raymond Grade 506
Elginium hairspring
"Photographer & Indians" fancy dial
Wind indicators

Fredonia Watch Co. threads
Bunde & Upmeyer private-label

Hampden Watch Co. threads
Canadian Pacific
Canadian Pacific hunting case
Grade 104
Rio Grande Standard
Moorhouse signed dial
Railway gilt
Hampden+104"]Special Railway / Grade 104 Discussion
"3 Ball" damaskeen pattern
12 size and 6 size 2-tone

E. Howard & Co., Boston threads
Series IV sales paper
Series VII nickel vs. gilt finish

Keystone-Howard threads
1907 Howard booklet
White gear train
Series 0 first run with checkerboard damaskeen
Series 0 with white gear train and original box
Edward Howard serial #64 box
Extra marking

Ingersoll, Trenton, and Ingersoll-Trenton threads
19 Jewel Ingersoll-Trenton

Lancaster Watch Co., Adams & Perry, Keystone Watch Co. threads
Lancaster "Keystone" grade
Keystone dustproof
Keystone black dial

Newark Watch Co. threads
Newark Watch Co. info

New York Watch Co. threads
"Hampden" grade?

Otay Watch Co. threads
Otay research
Serial #1400
Otay info

Rare makers and others
J.G. Hall watches
Kelly Watch Co.
M.S. Smith serial #59, movement signed C.L. Hoyt
Wichita Watch Co. building

Rockford Watch Co. threads
Rockford grade 110, 115, 120, 125, 130, and 135
Rockford Serial #1
Rockford 1878 grade and price list
Private label research
Grade 900
Grade 905 "Hauserman's Railroad"
Early Rockford marked "Extra"
Grade 500
0 Size Rockfords

Seth Thomas Watch Co. threads
Seth Thomas Research

South Bend Watch Co. threads
South Bend Watches And Case Catalog - 1909

South Bend Highest and Lowest Serial #'s
Serial #1000000
Canadian Private labels
Jump Hour watches
"Golden Era" private label
Grade 292
Grade 295 Studebaker presentation
Grade 102

Waltham Watch Co. and Waltham predecessor threads
Presidential Presentation 20 size
20 size American Watch Co. grade
20 size dials
1857 model discussion
1857 model pinned plates
1857 model "George Washington"
1883 model private-labels
1883 model 21 Jewel
1883 model "Dominion Railways"
1883 model "Empire State Special Railways"
1883 model "Santa Fe Route"
1883 model "Special" 2-Tone
1883 model A,T. &Co. Gold flashed movements
1883 model "El Tiempo De Waltham"
1883 model C.P.R. HC
1883 model C.P.R. train dial
1883 model Fancy dial
1883 model grade 35 with 12 circle damaskeen
1892 model Vanguard in 6 million serial range
1892 model Vanguard with jewel count "plug"
1892 model Crescent St.
1892 model Crescent St. 2-tone
1892 model Royal
1892 model Appleton Tracy & Co. first run
1892 model Appleton Tracy & Co.
1892 model Appleton Tracy & Co. "Premier" open face
1892 model Riverside
1892 model Riverside
1892 model discussion
1892 model Non-Magnetic
1892 model Vanguard 19J HC model
1892 model Vanguard Non-Magnetic
1892 model Canadian Pacific Railway
1892 model Santa Fe Route
Warren #18
5 minute repeaters
1872 models in Centennial 1876 Expo
1872 and 1888 model American grade dials
1888 model "Diamond Express"
Riverside Maximus lever-set
American Watch Co. bridge model
16 size Horological school watch
16 size Cronometro Victoria
Riverside, railroad grade or not
Equity grade research
"Marca Blanco" 24 hour dial
25 Jewel Swiss made
25 Jewel Swiss made
25 Jewel Swiss made
14 size star mark
12 size "Crest"
6 size plate layout
4 size Crystal plate
1882 model Am'n Watch Co.
Bigelow, Kennard & Co.
Waltham Tiffany & Co. or not (Tierany & Cox.)
Eagle Cases
Earliest 2-Tone?
Conel hairspring
Oversized dial with scene

United States (Marion) Watch Co. and related threads
US Marion research
US Marion dial gallery
North Star 18 size
Empire City I.H. Fine
Unrecorded Empire City examples

U.S. Watch Co. of Waltham threads
The President
United States Waltham discussion
United States Watch Co. (Waltham, MA)

General watch discussions
18th Century American Watchmaking
4 Position watches
Aluminum watches
American Pocket Watches exported to Australia
A.M. Hill New Orleans
The best 12 size watch
The story of the Dan Patch Watch
DeLong escapements
First watch
Factory buildings
First 23 jewel
Gold trains or Gold gears. Are they really Gold?
Interesting damaskeens (Waltham)
Lovely ladies watches
Maiden Lane NYC "Watch District"
Most prolific American PW?
Non Magnetic watches
Private label photos all 50 states
Private labels
Private labels more desirable?
Private label desirability
Street Railway watches
"Swiss Fakes" photo thread
Train accident from watch
What defines an American PW?

Collecting discussions
Collectors' motivations
Condition, condition, condition
NAWCC eMart vs. eBay
eBay and Paypal fraud
eBay and effect on buying
Favorite finds of 2007
NAWCC regional etiquette
New Collector
"Parting out"
"Parting out" thread 2
"Parting out" thread 3
"Parting out" thread 4
"Parting out" thread 5
The Sheldon scale
Storing watches
Switching, Ball example
Selling watches
What do you collect?
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Brian C.

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Jun 9, 2001
Re: Past Pocket Watch threads

I second Bill's comments.
Brian C.


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Aug 26, 2000
Re: Past Pocket Watch threads


These are very useful links - thanks very much for your effort in putting them together!
:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Fred Hansen

NAWCC Member
Aug 18, 2002
Re: Past Pocket Watch threads

Thanks everyone! There is much more to come here and I just hope that this is useful to the board users and that it brings some viewers and traffic back to our great past threads.



terry hall

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Apr 12, 2001
Central North Carolina
Re: Past Pocket Watch threads

Anuther great job Fred!

Stickie this one too!


Tom McIntyre

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Aug 24, 2000
Re: Past Pocket Watch threads


In looking at the favorite dials thread, it occured to me that it would be useful to have a thumbnails index to the dials in that thread. If 80x80 thumbnails were made one could probably get all the images in a single post and make the thumbnails link to the replies in the thread.

One issue is that the dial images would need to be copied (at the thumbnail size) to work. Would anyone object to such an effort?

All the threads with heavy visual content might benefit from that treatment much as your thread index is providing help in locating information.

Fred Hansen

NAWCC Member
Aug 18, 2002
Re: Past Pocket Watch threads

Tom -

I definitely wouldn't object and I think this would be well worth trying.

One thing I'd like to see on this board is more ongoing themed threads with many photos ... and this sounds like an excellent way to make these threads more organized and the info more accessable.


Fred Hansen

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Aug 18, 2002
Re: Past Pocket Watch threads

Bryan -

Links to some good threads you may want to add into the index ...

Warren Serial #18 ...

Maiden Lane NYC "Watch District" ...

Newark Watch Co. info ...

The Sheldon scale ...

South Bend highest and lowest serials ...

Waltham Tiffany & Co. or not (Tierany & Cox.) ...


Fred Hansen

NAWCC Member
Aug 18, 2002
Re: Past Pocket Watch threads

This thread on Seth Thomas model 5 deserves a place in the index ...

I think this is a great project Ed and Kent are working on and I'd like to see them get some input to this thread!!!


Bryan Eyring

NAWCC Member
Dec 11, 2007

Fred Hansen

NAWCC Member
Aug 18, 2002
Re: Past Pocket Watch threads

Bryan -

Here's another batch of good threads worth fitting into the index ...

The collector's motivations ...

Most prolific American PW? ...

Fake and repro dials ...

What defines an American pocket watch? ...

Private label photos all 50 states ...

Rockford grade 110, 115, 120, 125, 130, and 135 ...

Elgin wind indicators ...

Swiss Fake photo thread ...

Elgin "Indians" dial ...

South Bend Watch Co. clocks ...

South Bend "Golden Era" private label ...

Ball (Waltham-Ball) B&RP Railway presentation watch ...

Ball (Howard-Ball) loaner watch and tag ...

Waltham Vanguard 19J HC model 1892 ...

Waltham Canadian Pacific Railway HC model 1883 ...

Waltham "Eagle" cases ...


Bryan Eyring

NAWCC Member
Dec 11, 2007
Re: Past Pocket Watch threads

Thanks Fred and got it entered. A very good thread! :thumb:

But I have to ask though - where is everyone else on this endevour:???: These stickies are one of our greatest resources on this Forum and we have only the same individuals taking the inititative of cruising thru past threads to help build it. ;-{
And so, Mr. American Pocket Watch Collector I challenge YOU to peruse the forum and make YOUR suggestions for adds to our STICKY library! :eek:


Fred Hansen

NAWCC Member
Aug 18, 2002
Re: Past Pocket Watch threads

20 more good threads for the index ...


What got you started collecting? ...

Interview with a collector ...

Message found inside A. Lincoln's watch ...

A Tragic Railroad Tale ...


Webb C. Ball collection ...

Ball-Elgin dial ...

Ball-Hamilton B of LF #13029 ...


Elgin "Overland" ...

Elgin Veritas vs. Father Time ...

Elgin Railroad model cases ...

Elgin 1943 US Navy stopwatch ...


Hampden State Street ...

Hampden "Forest City" and "Menlo Park" ...


E. Howard Watch Co. by Hamilton ...

Waltham-Howard ...


Manhattan Watch Co. ...


Dennison Helical Hairspring Patent Model? ...

model 1857 with interesting case inscription ...

model 1883 "Paragon" ...

model 1892 original prices ...
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