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Identify pocket watch

Anthony I

Registered User
Jun 19, 2020
Hello all thanks everyone that helps, because every time I need help NAWCC is there!
I would like to identify a Pocket Watch that I found in my collection it runs very well I just would like to know more information about it. the serial number on the face of the movement is, 489310. Depose
(french trademark):???:
Also another number on face of movement 69
Last picture clockwise starting at 12 in red says 69, Depose, 48930
I will be posting pics with this thread if anyone can help thank you again 89CCC2DE-8A97-43D1-AA1E-139B37194B10.jpeg 1DC690FF-371E-46C7-AB16-85AC572E2A97.jpeg 2B835D26-C1DC-456A-9B65-9A9D6CFC3AB9.jpeg 86D5BD52-4B70-46F1-B1DA-289575A68A76.jpeg 786AF894-16AE-466A-8774-89CEB5E1447F.jpeg 2A6ECB1A-37FB-40CA-A019-77E4C5429463.jpeg B8C07A0D-F288-4FF8-808A-AECCE1E5B688.jpeg

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