I wrongly took two dials at the National mart in Louisville.

Discussion in 'Lost or Stolen Horological Items' started by Dr. Jon, Jul 27, 2016.

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    Last Friday I bought a watch dial at about 1 pm at the mart at the National at Louisville. I looked at one style but seleted another and had him put it ina pastic box to protect it.

    This morning when I unpacked I found two boxes, one with the dial I picked and paid fr and a second box with two dials. one like my selection and the other like the one i first looked at and dealer told me was on his watch.

    This was a cash transaction I did not get the dealer's name. If you recall selling a dial at about 1 pm Friday and are missing two dials PM me with your recollection so i can be sure I have the right person and I'll return your dials. IF you were there and sold a dial please check your inventory in case ou are not aware of my mistake.

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