I am very interested in pocket watches; what three or four references

Discussion in 'American Pocket Watches' started by strd34ford, Sep 22, 2002.

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  1. strd34ford

    strd34ford Registered User

    Jun 12, 2002
    hi phil,

    just a couple of suggestions. read thru all of the old nawcc bulletin articles on pocket watches, the cooksey & shugart price guides have lots of good info & prices, and any and all of the pocket watch books Roy Ehrhardt produced. there are many others, but these would be a good start. other members will probably have good suggestions to add.
  2. wackyvorlon

    wackyvorlon Guest

    Being somewhat new to the NAWCC myself, does the NAWCC keep all the bulletin back issues in print, or do you have to scavenge around for them?
  3. Tom McIntyre

    Tom McIntyre Technical Admin
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    Aug 24, 2000
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    I couldn't find any link on the main web site for back issues. The earliest issues have been reprinted in bound volumes and these are available from the NAWCC or were very recently.

    In general the best place to find them is at local chapter meetings. The price ranges from free to $1 at marts. They also show up on eBay.

    Tom McIntyre
    NAWCC 2nd VP Candidate
    Tommy the JOAT's Web
  4. BMW

    BMW Guest

    I have found Ehrhardt & Meggers' "American Pocket Watches Identification and Price Guide, Beginning to End ...1830-1990" a most valuable reference. It has pictures of the majority of American PW movements that's quite easy to refer to once you understand the format. It's one of the best, and perhaps only, ways to find out which American companies made watches for little known retailers when they're marked only with that retailer's name.
    Happy hunting.
  5. Jon Hanson

    Jon Hanson Registered User
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    Aug 24, 2000
    Boston, Ma.
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    Three things:

    1) look at as many PW as possible and attend local marts, chapter meetings and regionals is the way to go.

    2) latch onto a seasoned collector without any axes to grind, someone who will school you and enjoy doing it.

    3) check out the nawcc lending library and check out a bunch of watch books that mnay appeal to you, or ask which ones to read in the field that interests you. Then you can purchase those ones you like, used on the cheap.


    Jon Hanson, nawcc#8801

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  6. Kent

    Kent Registered User
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    Aug 26, 2000
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    Phil & wackyvorlon:

    Jon has given good advice, especially about the NAWCC Lending Library. Back issues of the Bulletin (as well as all kinds of books and video tapes) are available to members on loan by mail.

    One of my favorite books to recommend is "American Watchmaking - A Technical History of the American Watch Industry 1850-1930," Michael C. Harrold, Bulletin Supplement No. 14, Spring 1984 (still
    available at a bargin price of $6.50 (less discount for members) at the NAWCC Gift Shop - scroll down past the Bulletin Reprints).

    Good luck,
    Kent :)

    P.S. Wayne Schlitt has a great web site devoted to Elgin at Elgin Watches. There is a lot of good information on the site about Elgin watches and about pocket watches in general.

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  7. Dr. Jon

    Dr. Jon Moderator
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    Dec 14, 2001
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    New Hampshire
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    Welcome to our world!!

    In addition to teh above you should check the horological books section of this web site.

    The references by my colleagues are all very good but you may also want to widen your horizons to English and Swiss watches. Shugart, they recommend is good but also look for ":Watches" by Clutton and Daniels.

    Pocket watches by Meis is also an excellent reference as is The Camerer Cuss Book of Antique Watches and von Bertele's book on Marine and Pocket Chronometers. These are pricey so you may want to borrow them from teh NAWCC Library before making hte investment in them.

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