huge crazy likely rare early Omega Regina Trench style 1918 watch

Discussion in 'Wrist Watches' started by Jeff Hess, Jan 16, 2020.

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  1. Jeff Hess

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    s-l1600.jpg From what I can gather on the net, When Omega bought the Regina name around 1915, the briefly used the name in the USA before it became essentially a "Canada name only". This serial number dates to c.1916, but presented in 1918. Case solid gold which is unusual for a trench watch & is really big, 31mm (very big for the time esp for an octagonal case (another scarcity) & cased in America w/ Elgin 14k gold case (original). Add the enamel dial &you have an extremely scarce if not "rare" (I know people that that word) Omega. I searched a lot for a comparator & could not find one exactly like this. Can you? The owner is is doing research on this for his collection of Trench watches.
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  2. 4thdimension

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    Very, very nice watch.!’m sure all is original but, one thing strikes me as odd. I always assume this style dial would have had luminous material but I’ve never seen it in this style of hands. I wonder if these dials were in use prior to the use of radium?-Cort
  3. pmwas

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    Very nice!
  4. gmorse

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    Hi Cort,

    Well, as the hands don't fit the dial properly, I suspect that they're replacements. This dial design is certainly correct for luminous numerals, so maybe the original hands were thrown out when the dial was cleaned of its old luminous compound.



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