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Discussion in 'Message Board Help & Notices' started by Tom McIntyre, Feb 24, 2019.

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    The idea of thread prefixes is that they allow a forum or topic area to be subdivided into more precise topics. I have thought that our users would find it useful to, for example, select all the threads in the watch forums that relate specifically to a particular watch company or perhaps other interesting subdivisions such as country of origin, market target.

    I created a new forum for Events with prefixes for years and event names that recur each year. One may visit the forum and look at all the events, or may select the particular year, event or year and event to narrow the list of threads down to that subtopic.

    Since I am the preregistration chair and webmaster for this years National Convention, I have been exploring using the event forum to discuss that meeting during the run up to it.

    When you are viewing a forum with prefixes, if you select the prefixes, you will notice, if you look, that the address line in your browser changes to a new format that references the prefix index. In this case the URL displayed for the 2019 National Convent is

    That technique is available to anyone who wants to talk about a subset of a forum that has prefixes. I am currently using it on the National Convention web site to give access to the event forum threads on that subtopic of events. Anyone who wants to create a thread to ask questions or discuss the upcoming event can assign their question the 2019 national prefix and it will be included when the question link on the 2019 National Convention is clicked.
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