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How To Attach Photos To Your Posts

bruce linde

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Nov 13, 2011
oakland, ca.
Attaching photos to your posts helps others see what you're seeing... and is easy.

See the instructions below. The system will automatically re-size your photos unless they are too big... target photo size should be 1600 pixels wide at 72 dots per inch or (roughly) 2 megabytes or smaller.

Give it a shot!



note that you can also drag-and-drop images into your post. clicking on a photo dragged in will bring up a little tool bar that will offer some additional options.

Tom McIntyre

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Aug 24, 2000
You may also copy and paste or drag and drop if the picture site allows that.The PrtScr key on the standard Windows keyboard will capture the screen image and a simple ctrl/v will deposit it at the current cursor position in your post. This picture is the NAWCC Webinar hosting site page.
The software is set up to accept a picture of any "reasonable" dimensions. It will be resized if it is larger than 1600 pixels in either dimension. If you attempt to upload an image larger than the software can manage, you will get an error message and the picture will not be accepted.

floattools.png There are image controls that will make images appear either on the left or right side of the screen. These can be useful to place the images in the flow of the text.

You may upload any standard image file format.

You may also embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo or any other video hosting service. The videos will be automatically made as in line presentations.

If you upload a PDF as an image using the FROM PC button, you can embed a large thumbnail of the first page that will open the pdf file in a new tab when clicked.

Since the PDF thumbnail is a bit taller than the standard thumbnails, the float tools are especially useful to place that image on the right margin.