How to add a photo to your post.

Jeff Hamilton

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Jan 2, 2007
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If you would like to add a photo to your post using the message board to host your picture here is how it is done.

1) If you are starting a new thread do not forget to fill in the subject line.

2) Enter the text for your post.

3) When you are ready to add the picture scroll down the page and place a check mark in the box next to "Attach a File?"

4) Click "Post Thread" (if new thread) or "Add Reply"

5) When the new screen opens you will see a "Browse" button. Click on it and select the file on your computer you wish to upload. IMPORTANT only gif, jpg and pdf file formats allowed.

6) Next to the "Browse" button you will see a box for a Blurb. This is where you can add a description of the photo if you wish.

7) Your pictures will be displayed in the REVERSE orderthat you selected them. If the oder on the upload page is pic1, pic2 & pic3 they will be displayed in your post in this order pic3, pic2 them pic1.

8) The message board software will automatically resize your pictures so they have a width of no great the 450 pixels. If you would the upload to go faster you should resize your photos before uploading them.

9) Click on the "Attach" button, ONLY Once. Your post and pictures will be uploaded and you will be returned to the thread.


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