herschede tube sizes

Discussion in 'General Clock Discussions' started by paradise, Dec 10, 2019.

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  1. paradise

    paradise Registered User
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    Jun 24, 2007
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    Anybody have the lengths of the set of Herschede 9 tube for the 1 3/8 diameter tubes? Randy used to sell these tubes and had them listed in his catalog but since he stopped dealing I have misplaced my copy. I am sure there are more than one set of measurements, if you have a reference to a set of 9 tubes I would appreciate if you can list them. Maybe I will be able to work something out
    Thanks , paradiseclocks
  2. brian fisher

    brian fisher Registered User
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    Jan 20, 2017
    houston, tx
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    perhaps your best bet is to just be patient for a bit. the company that bought out randy is supposed to start selling parts here in a few months.

    finding any kind of 1 3/8 tube suitable to your clock is gonna be pretty tough unless you buy a set of herschede tubes on ebay. in that case, the lengths would probably be irrelevant to you anyway.

    you can buy a set of tubes out of a church organ, but i think it unlikely to find a set in the diameter you seek.

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