Herschede Electric 5 tube clock

Discussion in 'Clock Repair' started by D.P., Jun 5, 2019.

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  1. D.P.

    D.P. Registered User

    Aug 23, 2018
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    Hello everyone,

    I've been offered an electric Herschede grandmother clock for what I think is a decent price and would like to make a project out of it. It's the 5 tube model with the a functional pendulum and seconds bit. The case will need work as well as the movement. The case is hidden mostly under a pile of junk so no pics so far.

    From what I managed to see of the movement, it's been robbed of it's coil but the motor is still there(presumed dead). Serial number reads 116899 under the crown logo.

    In regards to servicing the movement, I'm concerned about handling the mainspring and where the motor/coil attaches to the movement. Info on the net about dealing with these movements is somewhat scarce and I'm used to mostly mechanical movements. All info I could find points to warren/telechron clocks.

    Is there a specific way to deal with the mainsprings on these types of movements? Or is it handled the same as the usual spring driven movement?

    Sorry for the bad picture. Had to awkwardly stick my phone in through the back to take it.

  2. Isaac

    Isaac Registered User

    Aug 5, 2013
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    On a later Herschede electro-mechanical clock, the mainspring has an unusual setup on the back of the barrel that is similar to a Geneva stop, although it instead causes slippage to prevent the movement from stalling the electric motor or breaking the mainspring. The mainspring itself is typical - just smaller in size.

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