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Feb 22, 2010
I should start by saying I know nothing about watches besides a modern day wristwatch and how to use them. My terminology I'm certain will be wrong....

I have been handed down a Henri Sandoz gold pocket watch. The watch is in working order, from my layman eyes... This watch has a front dust cover and the face is not discolored, faded or scratched and there are no scratches or dents on the body. The movement pieces are very clean and there doesn't appear to any dirt or tarnishing on these pieces.

It appears to be a chronograph style watch. On the face it has printed "Henri Sandoz Locle". Inside the rear cover it is embossed with "14K" and a serial number of 48436. The rear cover appears that it once had a cloth-like pattern. It is not real apparent, but in the right light easily recognizable. It has a second counter on the face. It also has two addition hands and what appears to be "stop watch button". The stop watch hands are activated by the winding knob. The "stop-watch button" resets the the two additional hands and has some type of step function.... Not really sure what I'm talking about here... I will post a picture soon to this thread....

This watch has no real sentimental value to the family. It was acquired on trade and is not an heirloom piece for us. I have taken the watch to a local watchmaker and he said he explained to me the difference between a surface cleaning and recalibrating/refurbishing this watch. At this moment I really don't what to do with it. The watchmaker said something about the movement and that it was "quite rare". This was after an internal inspection. It does not have jewels on the hammers (read that off the internet, but still no jewels in the movement pieces).

My questions are:

1. Does it devalue the watch by having it refurbished?
2. Based on the markings I described on the face and internet research I've assumed that it is dated around 1890, does this seem reasonable?


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Dec 16, 2008
Welcome to the board, ddayala.

Henri Frederic Sandoz was the founder of Tavannes Watch Co, Tavannes (Switzerland). He was born in 1815 and died 1913.

Loomes show a Henry Sandoz (not Henri) in Le Locle in 1711.

Until you post pictures, there's probably not much we can tell you about your watch.


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Jul 6, 2008
New Zealand
Pritchard has a Sandoz, Henri & Fils, Le Locle, La Caux de Fonds, Moudon, Saviese, Hong Kong, Caracas.
The firm was founded in 1870 by Frederic Henri Sandoz (1851 - 1913)
He was the son of a watchmaker and had been apprenticed as a case maker.
There is a 2 page write up of this maker in Pritchard's Swiss Timpiece Makers 1775 - 1975
If you are really interested I could try to scan the relevant pages.
I hope this helps.
Cheers, Kurt

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