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Jun 14, 2013
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I recently picked up a Telechron 700 for 20 bucks. Cabinet is in good shape, but clock doesn't work. Taking it apart was straightforward, except it took me a week to ease the hour hand off the post - it seemed to be welded on.
The B2 rotor is froze, and the coil shows open when tested with an ohmeter. I tried to heat the rotor can to get it to suck in new lube like they do on you tube. This has not yielded any results. The movement itself looks remarkably clean and shows no discernible wear under a loop.
My questions: I've read these coils rarely burn out. I'm contemplating removing some of the black, lacquered material that's wound around the coil to see if the leads are broken off, and if I can resolder or otherwise save this coil. I wouldn't be adverse to rewinding it if I could get specs and instruction on how to do so. This coil has 4 leads - two are hot leads from the AC power supply, the other two power the dial lamp. I get continuity across the lamp leads and open across the power leads. Any suggestions on how to proceed to save this coil are welcome.
Second - can anyone advise me the correct way to open the rotor can without distorting it? I have seen photos on a couple of the Telechron sites of the gearing inside, and I think I could make a go of repairing it. I have an Ultrasonic and some clock bushing tools and about five years experience working on vintage watches. Advice in this area would be appreciated.
I know of at least two sites who specialize in Telechron repair, but finances are such that I can only justify dropping the 200 or so dollars for rebuilt rotor and old stock coil after I have made every alternative effort on my own.
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Nov 29, 2008
First of all, I'd suggest you take another reading with your ohmeter. It's rare that Telechron coils burn out but very common for the outer leads to pull out the tiny/delicate coil wires. After that, I'd suggest you carefully peel off the coil's outer layer of insulation. Broken wiring is almost always on the outer layer of the coil. It's a tough repair but you can sometimes solder splice onto the coils tiny wires as long as you can locate both ends. If you want to attempt rewinding the coil's power winding then I'd suggest 5000 turns of 40 AWG magnet wire but don't disturb the coils low voltage lamp circuit.

Those youtube videos on rotor rejuvination are worth what you paid for them!! (at least for B's) The proper way to rebuild a B series rotor is to totally disassemble it, clean it, re-bush the out of tolerance bushings, replace worn gears, replace the lubricant and seal them up. The only decent Telechron rotor "How To" series was a 4 part article written by Ken Reindel in the NAWCC Bulletin under "Tech Talk". It started with Bulletin #433. Ken did an excellent job with this series.

Hope this helps

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