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Help identify Peret watch


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Sep 13, 2021

I have a family heirloom pocket watch that I am considering having cleaned and made to run if possible.
I know very little about it, but am guessing it is around 100 yrs. old. It is marked in several places "Peret & Co." and "Locle" including on the mechanism and is stamped 18K and with a tiny symbol that looks like an eagle in a circle on the inside of the front and back covers in the center. Inside the inner back movement cover it is stamped "Varranted" with the no. 82273. I presently do not have a winding key so don't know if it runs or winds.
I would like to know when and where it was made and who was the "manufacture" and get some idea of it's value before spending the money. I would greatly appreciate any knowledge you can share or sources of information you can suggest. Also interested in recommendations for repair shops preferably in the U.S. Thanks for any help. Photos attached.

DSC_4586ps.jpg DSC_4588ps.jpg DSC_4587ps.jpg Inside of back cover.jpg Front cover.jpg

Dr. Jon

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Dec 14, 2001
New Hampshire
Perret was a good "maker". A maker in Switzerland bought the major parts and got them assembled and adjusted the movement, dial and hands to play together and adjust for time keeping.

From its case marks I beleive it was cased in the US. I found the form of Bigalke and Eckert handled US distribution and probably had the case made and fitted.

As other noted, the movement is in the "Locle" style favored by many makers. My guess for date is circa 1860.-1870.

Winding and setting keys come in about 10 standard sizes. You buy a set from Amazon for about $10. YOU may need differnt keys to wind and set the watch. These keys are ok for occasional testing and wearing but the watch needs service and a better keys if you decide to wear it a lot.

Value depends on how and where you sell it and how long you can wait for your money but it is based largely in the gold content. American gold is often at least 1/2 K under its stated value. The stamped word is "Warrantee" and then as now it is meaningless. It was meant to guarantee gold content .

Swiss watches were similarly deceptively marked unless they carried a Swiss hallmark, which your case does not.

The dial has a minor hairline crack.

It is nice high grade piece, not top grade but a very respectable mid line item from a very fine maker. Not an appriasal but a contemporary watch gold watch of comparable quality would cost well into 4 figures.


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Sep 13, 2021
A little update - I purchased a key from a jewelers supply house and found that I was able to set and wind the watch just a little and it runs. And over several hours kept perfect time. Someone must have taken good care of it since as far as I know it hasn't been serviced or run for at least 40 -50 yrs.

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