Hamilton Wristwatches: A Reference Guide now ready to ship!

Discussion in 'Wrist Watches' started by brtime, Jul 31, 2016.

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    I am pleased to announce that my book, "Hamilton Wristwatches: A Reference Guide," the first Hamilton wristwatch identification book to be released in 17 years, is now available for shipment.

    "Bruce has done the watch collecting community a huge favor with this book," says René Rondeau, Hamilton watch historian, and author of the last ID book on Hamilton mechanical wristwatches. "My own Collector's Guide, published back in 1999, has been out of print for many years, leaving a serious gap in the modern watch collector's arsenal of essential information."

    The 226-page book (compared with Rondeau's 182) contains about 20 previously unknown models or model versions that have come to light through the efforts of dedicated Hamilton collectors who have shared their discoveries through articles and online discussion forums. These include The 1917 0-size "Cushion," the 18kt gold "Rectangular," the "Vancott," and the "Model A" to name a few. Also, 19 "Hamilton-Illinois" models made in the mid 1950s are identified, in addition to the so-called "M-Series" watches made in the early 1960s. Perhaps most importantly, quality of the nearly 900 watch images has been greatly improved compared with Rondeau's book thanks to advancements in digital imaging during the past 17 years.

    Two years in the making, the book involved the help and cooperation of Rondeau, and two additional recognized experts in the field: Mark Cardelucci, webmaster of the web forum, vintagewatchforums.com; and Dan Keefe, blogmaster at hamiltonchronicles.com.

    "Bruce's book will serve as an invaluable resource to future generations of Hamilton collectors," says Keefe. "I commend him for his tenacity and his dedication to pulling it together."

    In all, 892 images from company catalogs and collections were scanned and digitally enhanced to make identifying any known Hamilton model easier for collectors. The watches are arranged chronologically, and Watch Finder Tables located at the back of the book enable the user, in about three or four steps, to narrow the identity of a given watch to a handful of choices. Those choices can then be looked up by picture, and a positive ID made.

    In addition, each watch lists the case composition, movement or movements used in the watch during its production, and the number of years the model was produced. Production numbers (i.e., units that left the factory) are also provided for models made between 1917 and 1940.

    The book is available (in soft cover only) from my website, at www.brucesvintagewatches.com. Price is $49.95 plus postage. The book is NOT available in bookstores or through amazon.com or any other online source at this time.

    Thanks for your interest.

    Bruce Shawkey

    bookcoversmall.jpg bookcoveronly.jpg
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    Excellent Bruce
    I surely will buy a copy.
    Good luck with the sales

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