Hamilton M22 - help locating a missing interior plaque


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Jul 19, 2010
I am purchasing two M22's from a MN collector, both boxed with gimbals. One box box is missing the interior plaque (white with black lettering) which starts: "Important"....... I would appreciate any assistance with sourcing another plaque.

The box with the missing plaque has key lock latch where as the other one has the more common push button latch. Were the key lock latches used early on in production? The number on the key lock gimbal is 142-1941. The number on the other one is 5054-42.

Once here I will take pictures and post along with serial numbers.

I was stationed on a USN destroyer from 1963 to 1966. The ship was commissioned in early 1945 and sent west to Pac Fleet. She was on radar picket duty off Okinawa in May when a Zero hit the rear gun mount which took the lives of 21 men and injured 17 others. She limped to Subic Bay in the Philippines for repairs and then slowly made her way back to Pearl on one shaft. The war was over for the USS Stormes DD 780. One of these watches just might have been aboard.

Thanks, Jeff
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