Habitat "Treasure House" find

Discussion in 'Your Newest Clock Acquisition' started by sapper69k, Sep 4, 2019.

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  1. sapper69k

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    Aug 24, 2019
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    Was making a donation stop at Habitat for Humanity and observed this in the donation receiving area and couldn't resist asking. It had been tipped over and parts of the hood had separated / broke / lost... I found parts of the hood and the pendulum in the area and for a small donation to the cause I took it home and had it running in less than an hour, The base of the hood and the top piece are still missing, and the glass was broken out. It has Westminster chimes, the tone of which I find pleasant.

    Walnut Floor Clock 001.JPG Walnut Floor Clock 002.JPG Walnut Floor Clock 004.JPG
    The face appears to be enameled but shows no make or marketing info. I haven't opened it up enough to get the information off the movement yet. I created a couple temporary shims for the hood, got a new flat glass face plate, replaced a chime rod and a strike rod, haven't done anything about the missing top piece yet. The replacement glass is a tiny bit too large, creating a small gap at the already broken corner of the face frame.

    It keeps pretty fair time, but when wound on sunday morning, it will not last until monday, the 8th day.

    I understand the "Treasure House" tag with the "C" on top would be indicative of the Treasure House branch of Colonial Manufacturing, but I have no reference for date.

    There is also a "Bekins" label and number suggesting a professional move at some point in its life.

    I labeled it walnut as the stain / paint finish reminds be of some black walnut I use to have. I was making a wood clock work to a plan my father had given me. Plans and parts got lost in moving... It was all wood except the rope and rock weight, and only had an hour hand. I had started working on it in the Woodworking Shop at the REC center, Ft Knox KY during an assignment there. But that all starts becoming a separate subject.
  2. brian fisher

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    Jan 20, 2017
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    judging by the numbers painted on the back, i would also guess this to be a colonial product from zeeland, mi

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