Gravity and its pull

Discussion in 'Member News and Views' started by dweiss17, Apr 14, 2016.

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  1. dweiss17

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    Aug 1, 2006
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    The gravitational pull to put some prose to paper:

    I'd like to write about my experiences this morning after I came back home from doing some necessary errands.

    However, first, I sit down before my computer turn it on, Johnnie II jumps to the bed; I put my left leg on the bed to ease the tension it feels. Johnnie walks across my leg, sits down on my lap with her front paws high up on my chest…all the while looking into my aged blue eyes with her beautiful face and big orbs. Her love and need for me is totally apparent by her action.

    Having breakfast at my favorite restaurant with one of my favorite waitresses taking my order of fruit, scrambled egg, thinly sliced potatoes [fried] that are crunchy to the taste, with a bagel enriched with poppy seed and lightly toasted, topped with two delicious cups of coffee, I am happily sated. Being seated where I could see most of the patrons having their meals, I see mostly older folks, some conversing with others seated opposite, others with silent opposites, just enjoying their morning repast.

    Using my walker to leave after my meal, a girl bumps into me, she says "Oh, I'm sorry," I answer her, "Now you have to kiss me." This nice lady plants a kiss on my cheek. I smile and thank her; she too, smiles at our exchange of words and actions. Paying my food check, I relate the incident to the cashier, she smiles in return…happens this cashier was the first waitress I ever had in going to this restaurant so many long years ago. Now, in her older years she helps out as cashier and is happy to spend some time away from living in a home with a dog as her only companion. Her kids live elsewhere and have families of their own. Doing cashier work at this family restaurant, she sees many known human faces that help her pass the day.

    On my way home, I stop at a dollar store and get some plastic trash bags, some chocolate and oatmeal cookies and a couple cans of mandarin sliced oranges, they are a mighty fine snack supplanting all the fat absorbing chocolate candy I used to devour that only added weight to my middle. Losing about eight [8] pounds over the intervening months…I can now fit into trousers that formerly took up room in one of the closets.

    Next stop before driving home was the drug store, I ran out of 800mg Folic Acid, These I take for at least the last fifty [50] years. My former doctor was not only a physician; he was deeply into heart healthy research. Whenever checked half yearly by my now long-time doctor…I'm prone to think of and thank Dr. Packman for my present good/fine health reports. He, long ago, recognized the value of taking a daily tablet of this supplement. It also helps to keep the arteries free of accumulated fat.
  2. scottmiami

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    May 14, 2014
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    Dan, thanks for sharing. You are truly amazing. I have problems recalling what I did 5 minutes ago, much less remember the entire day.

    Seems like I should go get myself some folic acid.

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