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Discussion in 'Member News and Views' started by dweiss17, Oct 12, 2019.

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  1. dweiss17

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    As I look at the little calendar pasted to the side of my computer tower, the date today reads Friday, October 12, 2012. In just two weeks, we will come into October 26, that is the date when the “Member News and Views, the dreamer in me lives on”

    Forum came into being, in 2010.

    Stop to think...in almost two years, this Forum has borne fruit far beyond my wildest dreams. “The dreamer in me lives on” has had as of today over 50,700 hits, and NAWCC member hits in some 78 threads could total near to 100,000.

    It would do well for the NAWCC membership to go back, read the first five or six pages of this Forum, and reconnect with what was broached and done in those pages. They speak about things that would have never come to the fore unless done on this NAWCC members important Forum. At my personal expense, our 52 Founders were honored with a Plaque, long overdue, in recognizing their importance in founding this now world-famous National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors.

    Our wonderful and extraordinary Columbia, PA Horologic Museum came to be only through these 52 NAWCC members and the caring NAWCC members who followed in their footsteps. While the Museum has perhaps over 12,000 Horological artifacts and implements; our Library; also is world-famous for its huge accumulated library of associated written material in the Horological sense.

    The 50-year NAWCC Membership Plaque that was to be done before this date, and was put on hold for completion before this year’s end...due to unforeseen complications at the Museum offices, it was necessary to delay its finish. This future Plaque was also addressed in the few earlier pages above.

    Originally, the number of 50-year NAWCC members was thought to be around the 300 mark and that would have necessitated possibly two Plaques to feature these members. Had we known one Plaque would suffice for about the 120 NAWCC members with 50-year membership, plus future members reaching that goal, it would have been hanging on our Museum walls by now. At first, we donated some money, as (I think) a few other members did...however, the NAWCC officers suggested funding the Plaque cost.

    Attached is a rough photo of the Founders Plaque and a suggested heading for this soon to be 50-year NAWCC members Plaque, the design of which as far as I know has not been published. (Go to Awards.)
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