German Grivolas and others

Discussion in '400-Day & Atmos' started by MUN CHOR-WENG, Jul 25, 2019.

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    Sep 5, 2000
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    German Grivolas and others

    We know that many of the German Grivolas have a 4-digit number plus a star stamped onto the
    left edge of the back plate. Movements of these clocks were either made by JUF or Philip Hauck and
    practically all these clocks have some special features incorporated such as hand painted dial, a French
    made brass case with beveled glass or a special pendulum. Many of these clocks have the
    Grivolas logo on the dial and as such they were sold under the Grivolas label.
    However we have documented two that have other name on the dial such Tiffany, or logo of other make on the back plate such as H & H ( Harris and Harrington, a New York importer and manufacturer of clocks)
    Pictures of two such clocks are shown below.

    As these two clocks do not have any trace of Grivolas anywhere on the dial or on the back plate, it would
    appear they were sold under their own label and not as Grivolas.
    At present we do not know the reason for the presence of the 4-digit number and the star found on the left
    edge of the back plate of these clocks. If there are readers who own these type of clock and can post on this
    message board, pictures of their clocks showing (a) the full front view of the clock, (b) the full back plate, and
    (c) the left edge of the back plate with the 4-digit number plus a star, perhaps if sufficient data can be gathered, hopefully some pattern may show up to reveal the significance of these 4-digit number and a star.

    Mun C W

    2019_07_13_ HC29 Tiffany-001.jpg 2019_07_13_Philip  Hauck with twin loop pendulum-001.jpg

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