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Telechron General Electric 7H106K Illuminated Alarm Clock restoration


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Mar 26, 2017
I completed restoration of a General Electric 7H106K Illuminated Alarm Clock. The back of the dial cleaned up nicely with melamine and water but the front yellowing could not be removed (seems to be UV / sunlight related damage).

Has anyone restored UV damage from a plastic Telechron dial? I do not want to risk those plastic yellowing restoration techniques unless they are proven with the old Telechron plastic and they do not damage the dial printing.

2019-12-24_15-58-16.jpg 2019-12-24_16-00-45.jpg 2019-12-24_14-28-26.jpg 2019-12-24_14-28-44.jpg 2019-12-24_14-11-19.jpg 2019-12-24_14-15-36.jpg 2019-12-24_14-16-22.jpg 2019-12-24_14-16-33.jpg 7H106K dial2.jpg