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garage sale finds

Tinker Dwight

Registered User
Oct 11, 2010
Calif. USA
I found what I think is a Ingraham Zenith mantel clock.
It has the three columns on each side and the lions on the ends.
It is missing the rings in the lions mouths.
I was hoping someone could tell me the diameter of the ring
and the diameter of the rod used so that I could make
Also, is the ring welded together or just a open loop?
The columns seem to be made of a thin plastic like
material tha has to look of horn. It is brittle and the two
outer columns have cracked( I'm in the process of repairing
them now ). I suspect the columns are original.
The movement runs and seem strong. I can see at least one
rathburn ( sp? ) bushing fix but the other pivots look fine.
The dial is in rough state but mostly there.
All the brass fixtures have a dark patina. The next
question is, should I remove them and clean them up
or leave then as is?
I see others, posted, that are shiny and they look great.
The movement has the strike on gong for the hour and
bell for half hour.
Not too bad for $30.
The next find was a 400 day clock. It is a Schatz, most likely
from the 50's. It has no plastic an no pins on the movement or
dial( screws instead ).
Of course, the suspension spring is broken but unlike most
finds, all the end blocks and fork are still there.
The base has no cracks and has leveler screws. Funny thin is,
one of the thumb wheels is broken with only 1/3 left:???:
The movement has no serial number but does have stamped
11 and a stamped 54 ( I assume 11/1954 ). There is a Aug. Schats
& SO'HNE Germany stamp with the number 49 in the middle.
All bushings are fine. Again not bad for $10.
The only thing that bothers me is the dome glass is too
high. It is an eleven inch dome and I suspect it should be
a 10 inch dome ( If any one wants to trade I'm open to that ).
Not too bad for $10 though.
Tinker Dwight

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