Full restoration of a golden soviet luch 2209 with video


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Jan 11, 2022
Dear NAWCC Community and watch lovers,
after alot of logistical drama with DHL ( almost half a year of shipping smh), I finally got a few parts and calibers of old soviet watches which I ordered off of Ebay last year. Coincidentally, a friend of mine gifted me an old book about watchmaking for my birthday, so I thought what better way to show him my gratitute for his thoughtfull present, than to show him that cramming the books contents had payed off! This little documentation hopefully can help people work on their Luchs in the future!

Disclaimer: While I do know that there are many forum posts about the Luch 2209 movement and their fakes, im not very sure if this dial is aftermarket or fake. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here to the initial state of the Watch:
- Missing crystal
- Wear on case
- Missing movement holder claps and screws
- Winds but no ticking. Hands move erratically after the watch gets some kind of shock ( dropping it onto the table)
- Loose Second hand:

- Missing jewel on mainplate :


Here is the complete disassembly:

1. Remove the bezel so that the watch movement can be taken out. In my case the dial was loose so that popped out aswell.

2. Remove stem by pressing down on the stem releasing button and isolate the watch movement.

3. Remove minute wheel and canon pinion.

4. Remove the setting system cover.

5. Remove the three translation (two small and one big one) wheels.

6. Remove the setting system compontent : The setting lever, the setting spring, the two clutches. The left over lever will be removed later on.

7. Flip the movement and remove the balance wheel and pallet fork + bridge. ( Love the older designs with the pertruding wheights on the oscilating wheel,so pretty!)
DSC06724 - Copy.JPG

8. Remove mainbridge.
DSC06725 - Copy.JPG

9. Remove visible gear train
DSC06726 - Copy.JPG

10. Remove the secondary bridge and the two small gears which it holds and the hidden canon pinion.

( forgot to take a picture :( sorry!)

11. Remove setting system. Beware, there where small metal rings between the wheel and the metal pins!

12. Remove barrel bridge, mainspring barrel and unhook the lever in the front. That concludes the strip down!

Mainspring service:

Now the mainspring looked pretty decent and I didnt have one spare on hand really so I took it apart. Washed it in lighter fluid, alcohol and lubricated with Moebius 8200 before winding it in by hand, Since it is manual winding, there was a hook on the bridle which you could hook onto the floor and the lid of the barrel, interesting since ive only known manual watched which hook onto the side of the barrel! I winded it in the wrong direction and broke it haha I did end up finding a replacement though! Here are some steps of the way:

Good old Soak in lighter fluid followed by a rinse in isopropanol alcohol. Of course the palletfork aswell as the removable jewels for the balance where not included here. The dial was treated to a good session of rodico aswell as some rough Q-tip rubbing with luke warm soap water.
- Moebius 9010 for all jewels except for the pallet fork jewel bearing
- Moebius 89415 for the pallet fork jewels tips
- Hp 1300 for the gear teeth contacts
- Molycote DX for Setting system and Winding friction points
-Moebius 8200 for Mainspring

... And for a the reassembly just reverse the dissasembly and dont forget to oil and clean the balance jewels! Oh and intersting the acryl crystal, that was done by hand, not with a crystal lift.

Finally I put it onto the timegrapher after demagnatizing :
1. As you can see, the result is horrible haha. But I did replace it with a different balance wheel from a donor.
bad timegraph.jpg

2.Much better!
whought reg.jpg

3. After regulation
with reg.jpg

Final pictures with the strap, me and my friends bought, for my friends timepiece present:

Over all a great and fun project I must say! Ive shipped the watch to him now so lets hope he will like it! I know that there are see through backs for the Luch 2209 however I have not gotten around to getting my hands on any of them. Would love to show off the pretty golden movement! Any questions, comments or improvements please feel free to write me!
Oh and here is a full video of the process:

So long and stay healthy watch bangers! DSC06721 - Copy.JPG
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