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From the Memory Bank


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Aug 1, 2006
Philadelphia, PA
My Two Worlds

I am torn between two worlds…one is my past years with Evelyn; and then my years with my adopted feline children…Frankie Weiss [Frankie the Calico] and the firsJohnnie [Johnnie the Tabby.]

I came across a long forgotten book…a book I had written expressing the two worlds I lived in before and shortly after the year 2001. The first part tells the story of a long love affair between Evelyn and me…39 years worth, short of two weeks…the second part reveals the first three and one-half years of my life with my feline children. In reading the first few pages…I stop to think should I bare my thoughts of those years with Evelyn to the public? I am not an exhibitionist, I am not a writer, I do not have a writer’s skills, I do not have the power of an education, I do not even have a grade school; diploma. Yet, I feel the need to go public…hell…I am nearly 100 and a half years old…I harm no one with this story of many years of love.

Some of my works, some of my self will always be part of the American scene, do you know anyone else who wrote about an oral handicap and have the then President of the USA, President Reagan sign it into law. I don’t think so. Do you know anyone who wrote about his adopted felines [cats] and had it published on three continents by animal shelters? I don’t think so. Do you know anyone who had Forums in the NAWCC Message Board become part of his legacy? I don’t think so.

I have nothing to lose; after I am gone [hopefully, not for years to come] the stuff I put into book form may go into the trash by my heir(s) who may have no need for these words written so many years ago by their Uncle. I have only one sister still alive who is in the throes of dementia at age 97. The outlook is not too good for her. All my family, my brothers, my parents, all my aunts, uncles and all cousins are gone…three nephews and one niece remain along with their offspring; other than my feline Johnnie II, the world I live in has shrunk to a terribly small size; less than a few square miles.

Still with all my faults, my trials and my tribulations, I feel content in putting words to paper that could reveal so much of my personal life…a life that never harmed anyone…a life that would make my parents and Evelyn extremely proud to have been part of…and if my felines could talk…they, too, would be proud to have me as their keeper throughout their lives as kittens and to their finality.

The cover of this book is a little soiled [smeared]…however, still it lives with the spirit that its written pages provides the writer with the good times in his long life.


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Oct 19, 2005
North Carolina
I think your book might be an inspiration to others who struggle with stuttering, and feel they may never be able to have a normal life. Ask a few publishers about it.