Discussion in 'Member News and Views' started by dweiss17, Sep 3, 2019.

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  1. dweiss17

    dweiss17 Registered User
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    Aug 1, 2006
    Retired from Graphic Arts
    Philadelphia, PA
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    Today I received my 2020 Membership Card.

    It rturns out I'm a member of this great organization for 56 years; more than half a lifetime for many humans. It shows that I joined this ultra-great organization in October 1964. Ivery well remember attending my first meeting, in those days they were held at the Engineers Club on Friday Nights at Juniper & (I think) Filberet Streets. The style of dress was quite a bit more formal than it is today. Shirt, tie, in a three piece sut with vestand a watch with chain dangling from a vest pocket, and yes...our wives or girl friends joined us at these wonderful meetings.

    I remember my first time at one of these monthly meetings. Going in through the door on Filbert Street, you are greeted by a wide-sweeping beautiful staircase which took us to our meetings on the second floor.

    While I do not remember we had dinner there, I cannot recall our meals as to what was served or the
    seating arrangememt...but I do remember I was overwhelmed by the decor.

    Practically all the NAWCC members a few years older than I are gone to another world. A world I hope that features all the good things our members enjoyed.

    This coming December 11th I will be 104 years of age, while I have lost the cartilage in my knees and
    get around by using a wheel chair, I hope and expect to see my 56th years of membership and much
    beyond the year 2020.
  2. David S

    David S Registered User
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    Dec 18, 2011
    Professional Engineer - Retired
    Brockville, On Canada
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    Hi Dan,

    I am glad to see you back and posting again.

    All the best,

  3. richiec

    richiec Registered User
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    Feb 24, 2007
    automotive warranty inspector
    Brick, Ocean, NJ
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    Good to hear from you, Dan. I am going to my first Chapter 1 meeting in a week or so, have been a member of Chapter 2 and 142 but never 1. Needed a new venue, shame you can't be there, would love to meet you. I hope to bring my wife as long as her arthritic hip cooperates. Ebay really destroyed a great venue for meeting, buying and selling. I'll admit I do buy a lot off of Ebay but have found it difficult to sell at marts these days as most members only look for A list stuff and not enough new blood to buy the other stuff. I have only made 11 years at the NAWCC of my 66 on this planet. I'll have to live to 105 to make 50 years but you never know. Most of the members of 142 are dropping out of the NAWCC lately. We have workshops and advertise for parishioners from the church we rent from to come for advice, appraisal, etc but it just doesn't generate new bodies. Luckily for me, my knees are the only joints left that still works the way they should. Just keep on trucking, Dan.
  4. Kevin W.

    Kevin W. Registered User
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    Apr 11, 2002
    I work at the Veritas Tools machine shop.
    Nepean, Ontario, Canada
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    Good to hear from you Dan. Sounds like you had a wonderful meeting place. Take care and thanks for letting us know what you are up to.
  5. Dave T

    Dave T Registered User
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    Dec 8, 2011
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    Good to hear from you. It isn't often that we have an opportunity to talk to people from your era.
    I have a neighbor who is 100, and a retired pilot who flew 52 missions during WWII. He was one of the first to fly the new B52. He's still active, driving and living at home.
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  6. shutterbug

    shutterbug Moderator
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    Oct 19, 2005
    Self employed interpreter/clock repairer
    North Carolina
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    You've seen a lot of changes in those 56 years, Dan! In that time mechanical clocks went from necessary to nearly undesirable in peoples minds. At some point in the not so distant future the weakly winding of clocks will be a distant memory of what your grandparents did I'm afraid. Times are changing quickly.
    Watches, on the other hand, seem to be keeping interest and are becoming quite complicated. Go figure. ;)
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