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Franz Hermle 451-050 Problem


Dec 28, 2014
I have a Franz Hermle 451-050 grandfather clock. It is a chain driven model with chime. Everything works well except that the pendulum bumps slightly against one side on each swing. I have carefully leveled front to back and side to side. It is sitting on carpet.
It is quite annoying, any suggestions? Adjustments? etc?
Thanks in advance.

doug sinclair

Registered User
Aug 27, 2000
Calgary, Alberta

You have two choices as I see it. You should have four adjustable feet on the base of the plinth (the bottom part of the cabinet) that sit on the floor. You could try purposely lowering the two feet on the problem side which will put the clock a bit off level. But not likely enough to be visible, OR a problem. That may solve your problem. You have a second choice. If your clock has a door on each side of the hood, take a look at the movement. The main frame (the plates) are held apart by a post at each corner. There should be a long screw that projects up through the seat board that the movement sits on that hold the movement in place. They screw into the lower post on each side, and project upward through the post. You could loosen those screws and shift the whole movement over and away from the problem side, then tighten the screws. The problem with this solution is that you may have to adjust all the hammers so that they hit the gong rods properly. Let us know how you do.

Tinker Dwight

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Oct 11, 2010
Calif. USA
Check that someone has not oiled the wheels and
pinions teeth. This will make a clock run with larger swing.
It will also lead to gradual destruction of wheels and pinions.
It is possible that the weight used is wrong. Only the chime
should have the heavier weight.
Tinker Dwight


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Oct 19, 2005
North Carolina
If it's just hitting on the one side, it must be either not level or the movement is not centered (check the position of the dial. If it looks off center, you can move it as Doug mentioned above. How far is it missing the other side of the case?

This sounds like more of a clock repair issue, so I'll move it over there with a redirect here.

Dick Feldman

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Sep 1, 2000
Colorado, usa
Hello Doug,

I have seen that condition, mostly with Emperor Clock cases. I feel the original design on these cases is flawed. The inside dimension on the case waist is simply too narrow to always accommodate the swing on the pendulum. You may find the entire clock case rocking with the momentum of the pendulum. A solution is to attach the clock case to the wall (at the top of the case, usually the roof). Sometimes a few (like 8 or 9) bricks in the bottom of the case will lower the center of gravity on the clock case enough to stop the case from rocking. This condition is called sympathetic vibration and is fairly common with narrow clock cases that are set on flooring materials that are not stable. It is hard to detect a rocking case because it will only move a slight amount. One indicator is that the weights will sometimes swing slightly from side to side, especially when they are down near the level of the pendulum bob. A combination of poor design and poor operating conditions contributes to the problem. Along with the pendulum banging into the case, a rocking case also robs energy from the movement and can cause the clock to give poor reliability. Once in a while, I have found simply setting the beat on the clock will solve the problem. This is usually only a temporary fix. Another thing to try is to replace the pendulum bob (the disc) with one that is smaller in diameter. This will cause the clock to initially not keep good time and timekeeping will have to be addressed. The beat on the clock will also have to be reset for proper operation.
You can find directions to set the beat on the clock by searching the archives of this board.
As always, a few photos may help greatly.

Good luck with your problem. Let us know the results.


Willie X

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Feb 9, 2008
Change the bob to a smaller one. About 3/4" smaller usually does it.
Willie X

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