National Meeting For Members Only: Free Mini-Workshops at National Convention

Tim Orr

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Sep 27, 2008
Boulder CO
Good evening, all!

Announced today: These mini-workshops will be available in the MART room, FREE to all NAWCC members attending. No sign-up necessary, but first come/first served. Most require no materials:

Saturday, 9:00 am
Early American Clock Case Stenciling (Demonstration Workshop)

Instructor: Lee Davis
Description: Participants will learn how to prepare the stencil; prepare the surfaces for stenciling on glass or wood; attach the stencil to the surface to be stenciled; apply the gold or other material to the stencil; remove the stencil and correct any mistakes; finish the newly stenciled piece to insure longevity.

Saturday, Noon
Clock Making Tools, Gadgets and Fixtures (Demonstration Workshop)

Instructor: Dave Gorrell
Description: Demonstration of tools and gadgets that make it easier to repair clocks. An American Kitchen Clock Movement will be shown and the participant will learn how to find the correct length for a clock pendulum; tighten or fasten a great wheel onto an arbor; make a cheap steady rest for polishing pivots; thread the springs on Lifting, locking and hammer levers; make a spacer for riveting clicks onto great wheels; make the springs for Locking and Lifting levers.

Saturday 2:00 pm
Glass Cutting for Clock Cases (“Hands On” Workshop)

Instructor: Richard Robinson
Description: Participants will learn the proper tools and safety measures for cutting glass; proper surface preparation for glass cutting; cutting circles for clock bezels, and cutting odd shapes.

Saturday, 3:00 pm
Casting Clock Finials and Other Case Parts (Demonstration Workshop)

Instructor: Bruce Brown
Description: Participants will learn how to prepare the object for making the (silicone) mold and the container for the molding process; combine the molding material; make the mold itself; remove the object from the mold; prepare the casting resin and determine the proper wait time for demolding the object; color the newly case object.

Sunday, 10:00 am
Pocket Watch Disassembly (“Hands-On” Workshop)

Instructor: Dave Gorrell
Participant Materials needed: Pair of tweezers, small watchmakers screw drivers, magnification (Loupe), hand remover, American pocket watch (preferably working). If the participant can not provide these materials, the instructor will lend them for the duration of the class.
Description: Participants will learn the tools and procedures necessary to remove an American watch movement from its case; let down the power; remove the balance and bridge; remove the mainspring barrel and mainspring; oil the watch; and reassemble all the parts.

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