Exhibit of pocket watches of the American Civil War at the NAWCC Museum

Discussion in 'European & Other Pocket Watches' started by Clint Geller, Jun 17, 2017.

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    A 6 to 8 month temporary exhibit of pocket watches of the American Civil War will open at the NAWCC HQ Museum in June, 2019. The exhibit will feature watches, both of American and foreign make, which are identified to specific Civil War combatants, as well as a representative sampling of American and foreign watches that were available on the American market at that time. The exhibit will kick off with a one-day scholarly seminar on June 29, 2019, two days before the 156th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, which took place just about 43 miles away.

    I have commitments for around nine or ten watches with Civil War provenances, as well as prospects for getting loans of possibly as many as two different Lincoln provenance watches loaned from museums. However, I currently have a line on only one Confederate provenance watch. Watches carried by Confederate soldiers were overwhelmingly of foreign make, which is why I am posting here. I am requesting that persons interested in either lending pieces to the exhibit, or in helping to organize and run the seminar on June 29, 2019, kindly PM me. Below is a link to a discussion about the exhibit on the American Pocket Watches Forum:

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