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Help Encyclopedia Article and Blog Integration

Tom McIntyre

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Aug 24, 2000
If you click on the link in the menu bar at the top that says "main Page" it will show this screen. That page is called "Forum Home" by the software. The forums are divided into categories that are the larger blocks of lists of forums. At the top of the Watches category is the "Watch Stories" pseudo forum. That is the entry point for the watch blogs.

Inside the American Pocket Watches and European & Other Pocket Watches forums there are similar links to the wiki style articles associated with those categories. I generally use "story" for works by a single author and "article" for wiki style articles. The intent is to have these links at strategic locations in the forums to better integrate the content.

All of these collections that use the wiki style composition and editing with or without collaboration can be found in their own space by double clicking on the Encyclopedia link at the top of the page. (see below)
The image below shows the full set of facilities based on the wiki style editor and document management system. The ones characterized as Encyclopedia Articles are generally collaborative editing documents. The ones under the Blogs category are single author but still track history and allow updates at any time by the author.

In both of these areas the editor also has additional capabilities for document formatting such as table of contents, footnotes, etc.