Early Tavannes Waterproof (Cyma 010)

Discussion in 'Wrist Watches' started by Roy Horrorlogic, Feb 27, 2020.

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    I just finished reviving this one thanks to someone here pointing out that J Borel could supply a female split stem. It's in pretty good condition and runs reasonably well for its age. I'm reluctant to try to improve it further having made that mistake with serviceable watches more than once. It's a 3 part case with (tatty) grub-screws holding it together. I can't find my snap of the dial side taken months ago when I first started on it but the top plate shows the Cymaflex shock protection - which I assume makes it the suffix "K" version mentioned in the Ranfft data. Not sure how this would affect the dating of the watch. 1930s? Or earlier?
    Also, 22 mm fixed lugs which I don't think I've sen on anything similar of this vintage.

    Tavannes-Watersport-2240606.JPG Tavannes-Watersport-2270212.JPG Tavannes-Watersport-2270213.JPG
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