Dukane 24ZB40

Discussion in 'Electric Horology' started by sundy58, Feb 5, 2019.

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  1. sundy58

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    Aug 23, 2014
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    I am trying to get more information on the Dukane synchronized clock system. I have attached the installation manual for the clock. I don't have any information on how the clock syncs. I THINK it resets at midnight by removing the power. Also in the case of a power outage there is a voltage applied to advance the secondary clocks to the correct time.

    I'm hoping someone worked on these at one time and knows about this system.

    I have searched the web pretty throughly and I can't find any decent documentation on how the system works.

    24ZB40 Dukane02042019 (1).jpg 24ZB40 Dukane02042019 (2).jpg 24ZB40 Dukane02042019 (3).jpg 24ZB40 Dukane02042019 (4).jpg

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