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DIY pocket watch mainspring winder


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Mar 7, 2020
Far North Queensland, Australia

I definitely needed a spring winder, but I found that most of the winders on Ebay often appear in questionable condition, with missing parts and usually overpriced. A new winder like the Bergeon series was way out of the reach of my wallet. Besides, as a hobbyist that tends to muck around with the larger Yank and English fusee movements, a selection of numerous drum sizes was not necessary. Most of the barrels I deal with are between 16mm and 18mm. By ejecting the wound spring into a retainer, I would not need the ability and extra tool pieces, to wind both left and right. With a retainer you can flip the spring over to the correct orientation. Also, using slightly larger retainers, you can accommodate larger barrels.

Here, below is my DIY answer to my winder needs. I love turning brass and I love combining it with steel. For the hook I silver brazed a suitable fusee arbor from my "junk" box to a short bit of threaded steel. This screws into the the centre of the brass ejection piston. I made it removable so that it could be repaired or replaced at any time.

I've used the tool several times already and it works a treat. Although I have never used a "professional" winder, I reckon that my little winder may be simpler and easier to use and definitely a heck of a lot cheaper !

Below are a series of photos of the tool in use...



1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg Applying retainer.jpg

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