Diversity in Contemporary Watchmaking

Dr. Jon

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Dec 14, 2001
New Hampshire
I have been impressed by the diversity of contemporary watchmaking. While there are efforts to attract women and minorities into the business I am more intrigued with the diverse ways people put new watches on the market. I suspect this diversity is similar to what was going on uo until the quartz crisis of th33 1970's, lots of manufacturers of various watch components brokers who put them together as well as factories that manufactured and assembled large numbers of branded watches.

In this discussion I define a watch as worn timepiece that operates independently and, to rule out "Smart watches" does not have to be put into a special mode or removed to enter a restricted area such as an aircraft or other no electronics zone.

We have the traditional and pseudo traditional brands, by pseudo traditional I refer to brands that had been dormant for decades and are now very active.

The Swiss are still doing the very high end watches from major brands but there are not some very high end watches from many countries especially Germany.

We are seeing some very interesting brands and custom watches coming from the US England. Japan has several high end companies making some very interesting mechanical and electronic watches.

We are seeing revival of numerous ways to get a watch made to order. There are now a large number of independent watchmakers who will make a watch to order, usually for 4 to 5 figures (US dollars), crowd funded as well as people who want something special have to order a number of items to get tehm made and then find themselves in the watch business.

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