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Aug 24, 2000
This watch showed up several years ago and I was skeptical at first whether or not Charles E. DeLong had anything to do with it or not. However, the number of faked DeLong watches seems to be pretty small so I think there is a reasonable chance that he actually made the watch.

It has never had a case since I got it, or the seller either. From the dial damage it was probably the victim of a very careless gold scrapper.

It was in rough shape with a broken center chronograph wheel. It looked like it might be repairable, but it was necessary to make a new one for it.

The plates had remnants of Geneva stripe work which has also been restored. All of the work was done by Denis Carignan including a number of repairs I have not mentioned and likely several I do not currently know about.

I am hoping that some one can tell me if they recognize the ebauche and know the origins of the watch. It looks a lot like pretty standard Swiss chronographs, but I cannot seem to get inspired to do the necessary research to track it down.

I read in the 1989 Bulletin article on McIntyre and DeLong that DeLong had been sent to Switzerland by Illinois to study the industry and to see what ideas he might be able to pick up. He was also a great fan of Theo. Gribi and probably subscribed to the view that the Swiss were unlikely to be surpassed in the design of complicated watches. I fancy that DeLong thought he should build a Swiss complication in order to better understand the thinking that went into one. This chronograph would have been the most obvious choice.

I would appreciate any thoughts you might have about it.
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