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Apr 11, 2004
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Hello, over the last few years I have been collecting a number of clockmaking links and resources. I have posted them on one of the model engineering forums I often visit but wonder if thay may be of interest here:

Hope this is OK, but I`ve so many clockmaking links now that I`m getting them mixed up! This will allow me to share them with you and also organise them:

ClockBuilding Blogs / Project Logs
OnlineClockBuilding - Crown Wheel Skeleton:
OnlineClockBuilding - A torsion balance chronometer clock -
Craigs Longcase Clock Making -
Issacs Beginners Clock Build -
Thomas Shallard Part built clock diary:
Jere Adventures in Watch Making -
Donaldson Workshop Builds Mr. Smiths Skeleton Wall Clock -
David Morrows CNC Clock building diary-
GadgetBuilder builds Woodwards Gearless Clock -
GadgetBuilder builds a Regulator Clock -

Message Boards

Horology Organisations

Clockmakers Tools
Tools as used by Thomas Shallard -
Depthing Tool -
Gadget Builders Depthing Tool -
Bergeon Depthing tool -
David Creed's Jacots Tool -
David Creed's Wheel holding -
David Creed's Pallet Gringing Jig -

Wheel Cutting
Making a Mutitooth cutter **** -
John Shadles regarded single point cutter -
Wheel Cutting Data -
Plans for a clock wheel cutter -
Wheel and Pinion Cutting
CNC Wheel Cutter -
Making Replacement Wheel -
Making an Escape Wheel & Turning in a Box-
John Shadle - Cutting and Escape Wheel -

Clock Repair
Les Grenz Horology Tips -

Commerical Links
Ian Cobb - Clockmakingbrass UK supplier of clockmaking books and materials - EXCELLENT and helpful bloke -
PP Thornton wheel cutters (the bee's knees of clock wheel cutters!) -
Meadows & Passmore's - Clock repair tools and supplies -
UK Supplier of Donegan OptiVisor -
A.G. Thomas Jewlery and Horology Supplies -
Cousins UK - tools and supplies -

Video Links
So that the video does not display as a small clip and take up space, I have placed a space at the end of the URL. Copy and paste to play.

Cutting Escape Wheel - http://www
Gear Cutting using CNC sherline indexer - http://www
10 Minutes with a Unimat - http://www
Clockmaker watchmaker jewelers lathe course promo - http://www
Watchmaking - turning between centres: http://www

escapement and motion works
Daisy Motion Works: http://www.
Daisy Motion animation: http://
Grasshopper Escapement: http://www.
Verge and Foliot Escapment: http://www.

Although I posted this above, my fav has to be Jere Adventures in Watch Making - Jere is just a god !!!
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David Robertson

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Jan 6, 2003
The three articles which you attribute to Dave West were actually written by Dave Creed. They were posted on Dave West's site.

You can see Dave Creed's name internal to the articles themselves.

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