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Jul 23, 2008
Special thanks to bangster, Richmccarty, specop, shutterbug, terofpa, Hayson, R. Croswell, Scottie-TX, RJSoftware, and all members of the NAWCC message board for helping to compile this information. Also special thanks to ebay member pats-clocks1960 for information from the British front.

Thanks to Bruce Alexander and Bangster for updating this list 8/20/20


Recommend adding each of these to your bookmarks and become familiar with them. Remember that everything on the Internet is copyright. Don't forget you need permission for non-personal use and reproduction.
  • NAWCC Businesses and Horological Sites by Region
    Business Search
    Review: Between the NAWCC Member Links and the NAWCC business directory you should be able to locate almost every clock supply and repair business that is a NAWCC member. This is a great resource to lookup local clock related businesses and also to refer moving customers to.
  • AWCI Watch and Clock Makers Referral Directory | Site about watches
    Review: Similar to the NAWCC directories above but maintained by the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute.
  • BHI Professional Register
    BHI Accredited Repairers : British Horological Institute
    Review: Similar to the above two directories but maintained by the British Horological Institute Limited. Best viewed with Internet Explorer, lists GradBHI, CMBHI, MBHI and FBHI.
  • The Horological Foundation
    Antique Clocks, Watches and Barometers. (Antike Uhren, Antieke klokken, Horlogerie Ancienne)
    Review: International hotlist of horological parts and service providers.
  • Bill's Clockworks: Clock Operating Instructions
    Clock Operating Instructions from Bill's Clockworks
    Review: These are checklists for setting up, operating, and adjusting various types of clocks in your home. Bill's Clockworks also sells and repairs clocks if you browse the site.
  • Tick Tock Productions
    Clock repair & watch Repair DVD and online video courses for antique watches clocks.
    Review: Training videos for various clock repairs and cleaning techniques. Videos start at beginner level and increase to very advanced levels. Turn here when asking "What is the perfect tool for this job?" or "What's the right way?"
  • W.R. Smith's Instructional Videos
    DVD | WR Smith Clocks
  • David Goodman's THIS OLD CLOCK (book)
    Available from Amazon.
    Review: good repair book for beginners. Focus is mainly American clocks> Good alternative or supplement to the dvd course, Clock Repair I & II by Tick Tock Productions. Also available VHS and DVD lessons on " The Recoil Escapement" and "Countwheel Striking".
  • About Time Clockmaking
    David LaBounty's site is full of helpful repair tips, with instructional dvd's and online classes. Great site for beginners and experts alike.
  • Mark Headrick's website, Abbey Clocks
    Instructional site with many great hints to repairing specific clocks. Worth the trip.
  • CousinsUK list of Hermle movements with parts diagrams
    Document Downloads
  • NAWCC-Board Shellac Tutorial
    Shellac tutorials
    Review: Posted by craig regarding cutting and using shellac to restore a clock.
General Clock Suppliers

These companies carry a wide range of tools, parts, and supplies that cover most needs. Suggest you order a catalog from each business listed. This gives you an instant directory to parts and provides a reminder of where you have already checked. Most suppliers do not have adequate web sites. Also be sure to cruise around all these web sites when you have time. Many of them link to documentation, books, and other free resources that are invaluable!
Specialized Clock Suppliers
These companies specialize in one type or arena of clock repair. You will only need to engage these businesses if you are working within their specialty.
Tools & Shop Supplies

These businesses primarily carry tools and supplies that are specific or very useful to clock repair. Exceptional products noted in review blocks. Many of these companies carry a broader stock so be sure to check them out yourself.
These companies offer specific services that you might find useful.
Please post corrections and add vendors that would improve the clock community as a whole. Please avoid adding businesses that exist on the other AWCI and NAWCC lists unless they add something very distinct like a service or tool that can't be gotten anywhere else. Be sure to include a review. :thumb:
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