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clock project, need help in motor replacement


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Jun 4, 2014
Wasilla Alaska
We do make a 115VAC friction set version of the same tower clock movement . The 24VAC movement is direct drive minute impulse - so if you run the motor continuously - it will run too fast - and if you get as lower speed direct drive motor - you wouldn't be able to set it. The movement runs on a alternating phase 24VAC signal. To run this on a cam - you would need a double throw micro-switch - mounted on a 1/2 RPM Synchronous 50/50 split cam. You can also generate this signal electronically - maybe with a timer or a PLC. There are two inputs to the movement - L1 and L2 - and a common - the signals are 24VAC - to run this electronically - you alternate every minute between L1 and L2. I would even think some European master clocks might provide this signal - my understanding the original design (though DC) -was to prevent a clock from advancing an additional minute due to contact bounce.

BTW - the computer running the board is really really slow - I feel like I'm on a dial up line.
I like the movement as long as the hands fit on it.