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$ Clock Identification and Prices Guides


Moore NWCM Award
NAWCC Star Fellow
NAWCC Diamond Member
Aug 28, 2000
Novelty, OH
My dearest clock friend just passed away at age 84. I am helping his widow clear out his basement clock repair shop. I want to sell a couple of items at a chapter mart or regional, rather than on eBay, so that members have a first opportunity. I need an estimate on what to ask.

He had a collection of clock identification and price guides. I’d like to sell the whole bunch as a single lot. Some of the Tran Duy Ly books are fairly pricey, but I realize it is hard to get back what they originally sold for; also, some are old. Here is a list of the books:

Seth Thomas Clocks & Movements, Tran duy Ly, 1985.w/ 1995 price update, PB
Seth Thomas Clocks & Movements, Tran duy Ly, 1996. HB
Clock Book 3 Ehrhardt, 1983, PB
American Clocks, Vol 1, 1989, with 1995 price update, Tran Duy Ly, HB
American Clocks, Vol 2, w/special section on Self-Winding Clocks, 1991, w/ 1996 price update,Tran Duy Ly, HB
Welch Clocks, 1992, Tran Duy Ly, HB
Waterbury Clocks, 1989, with 1995 price update, ,Tran Duy Ly, HB
Waterbury Clocks, 1989, Tran Duy Ly, PB
150 Years of Electrical Horology, 1992, PB
Gilbert Clocks, 1992, Tran Duy Ly, HB
Ingraham Clocks and Watches, Tran Duy Ly, with special section on Early Ingraham clocks by Tom Spittler, 1998, HB
Calendar Clocks, 1993, with 1993 price update, Tran Duy Ly, HB
Self Winding Clocks, 1979, Self Winding Clock Co., PB
New Haven Clock Company (Catalog dated 1900), reprinted by Tran Duy Ly, PB
Longcase and Standing Regulators: Part 1: Machine Made Clocks, 1994, w/ 1995 price update,Tran Duy Ly, HB
Ansonia Clocks, 1989, Tran Duy Ly, PB
Gustov Becker Clocks, 1997, w/ 1997 price update, Tran Duy Ly, HB

If you can provide some guidance, I’d appreciate it.



Dick C

NAWCC Member
Oct 14, 2009
Suggest that you go to www.ebay.com and search for the titles. You will find some of these there with BUY IT NOW prices...some of the prices are totally unrealistic, some are very fair.

Some may be outdated...like the Welch book as I understand there has been a new one just issued.

You could also put them in the NAWCC area where items are sold....and ask for best offer...you don't have to take the offer if you think it is too low.

harold bain

NAWCC Member
Nov 4, 2002
Whitby, Ontario, Canada
Some of the books are outdated as Tran has newer books out. Waterbury and Seth Thomas, for sure, as well as Welch. You have 17 books. As a single lot, probably about $20 to $25 each, so about $350-400 or so. You would do better selling them individually though, as many haven't been updated, and would likely sell for $50 or more. Dick's idea of putting them on our 4sale site might be a good one, if you don't mind shipping them. You could easily find these books in the Timesavers catalog, and price accordingly with a discount for used.

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