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    This thread collects useful resources for people who are interested on chronometers. If you have any suggestions on things to add to this list, please send me a PM.

    Basic Books

    This subsection is not meant to be an an exhaustive bibliography, but rather a mix of general introductions and standard reference books, with an emphasis on more easily obtainable ones. The next section contains a more extensive listing.

    Betts, Jonathan. 2006. Time Restored: The Harrison Timekeepers and R.T. Gould, the Man who Knew (Almost) Everything. Oxford University Press. ISBN: 978-0198568025.

    Dunn, Richard and Rebekah Higgitt. 2014. Finding Longitude. Glasgow: Collins. ISBN: 978-0007525867.

    Gould, Rupert T. 1923. The Marine Chronometer: Its History and Development. London: J.D. Potter.

    Gould, Rupert T. 1923/2013. The Marine Chronometer: Its History and Development. 2013 edition incorporating Gould's own amendments and additions from his original annotated manuscripts. With new illustrations and a foreword by Jonathan Betts. Woodbridge, Suffolk, England: The Antique Collectors' Club. ISBN: 978-1851493654.

    Mercer, Tony. 1991. Chronometer Makers of the World. With Extensive List of Makers and Craftsmen. London: N.A.G. Press. ISBN: 978-0719803406.

    Randall, Anthony G. 1991. The Time Museum Catalogue of Chronometers. With illustrations by David Penney. Rockford, Illinois: The Time Museum. ISBN: 978-0912947037.

    Sobel, Dava. 1996. Longitude: The True Story of a Lone Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of His Time. Penguin Books. ISBN: 978-0007790166.

    Sobel, Dava and William J.H. Andrewes. 1998. The Illustrated Longitude: The True Story of a Lone Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of His Time. Walker & Company. ISBN: 0-8027-1344-0

    Whitney, Marvin E. 1991. The Ship's Chronometer. Cincinnati, Ohio: American Watchmakers Institute Press. ISBN: 978-0918845085.

    Whitney, Marvin E. 1992. Military Timepieces. American Watchmakers Institute Press. ISBN: 978-0918845146

    Other Books

    These are more specialized or harder to obtain books.

    Andrewes, William J.H. (Ed.). 1996. The Quest for Longitude: The Proceedings of the Longitude Symposium, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachussetts, November 4-6, 1993. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments. ISBN-10: 0964432900; ISBN-13: 978-0964432901

    Chamberlain, Paul. 1941. It's About Time. ISBN-10: 090047081X; ISBN-13: 978-0900470813.

    Mercer, Tony. 1978. Mercer Chronometers: Radical Tom Mercer and the house he founded. Ashford, Kent: Brant Wright Associates Ltd. ISBN-10: 090351219X; ISBN-13: 9780903512190

    Mercer, Tony. 2003. Mercer Chronometers: History, Maintenance and Repair. ISBN-10: 0954052536; ISBN-13: 978-0954052539.

    Mercer, Vaudrey. 1975. John Arnold & Son Chronometer Makers 1975 + Supplement with updates. ISBN-10: 090118005X; ISBN-13: 978-0901180056.

    Mercer, Vaudrey. 1977. The Life and letters of Edward John Dent Chronometer Maker and some account of his Successors. ISBN-10: 0901180165; ISBN-13: 978-0901180162.

    Mercer, Vaudrey. 1981. The Frodshams - the Story of a Family of Chronometer Makers. ISBN-10: 090118022X; ISBN-13: 978-0901180223.

    Quill, Humphrey. 1966. John Harrison: The Man Who Found Longitude. London: Baker.

    Staeger, Hans. 1997. 100 Years of Precision Timekeepers from John Arnold to Arnold & Frodsham 1763-1862. Germany: Published by author.

    United States Department of the Navy, Bureau of Ships. 1948. Manual for Overhaul and Handling of Hamilton 35-Size Chronometer Watch, with Parts Catalog. NAVSHIPS 250-624-1

    United States Department of the Navy, Bureau of Ships. 1948. Manual for Overhaul, Repair and Handling of Hamilton Ship Chronometer with Parts Catalog. NAVSHIPS 250-624.

    Von Bertele, Hans. 1991. Marine & Pocket Chronometers. West Chester: Schiffer Publishing.

    Online resources

    Board of Longitude (Cambridge Digital Library). Contains digitized copies of many of the late 18th and early 19th century primary source documents on the development of the chronometer in England. If you're reading some of the books on the history of chronometers (e.g., Gould's book), much of the primary sources they cite are available on this site. Some highlights:

    The Royal Observatory Greenwich: In spite of the name, I don't believe this site is actually be affiliated with the Royal Observatory Greenwich. Nonetheless, it contains much valuable historical information. Notably it has an index that links to digitized copies of the Greenwich Observatory chronometer trial results from 1840 to 1914.

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