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Discussion in 'Chronometers' started by mdjtlj, Jun 19, 2017.

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  1. mdjtlj

    mdjtlj Registered User

    Aug 17, 2009
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    I hope I'm not violating any forum rules with this post. I'm going to be in the process of liquidating a collection of chronometers and I don't have any idea as to where to start on this. What would be the best place to do so? Auction Houses? EBay? etc.... Any tips or pointers on the various avenues?
  2. River rat

    River rat Registered User
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    Apr 4, 2009
    If any of them are military related the MWR a military time piece forum they have a PX section to post stuff for sale. It's free to post there. Ebay I bought but never sold but hear the fees kill you if your a seller. I only bidded a few times at auction houses and every time I got out bided so there you mite make the most on them.
  3. Dr. Jon

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    Dec 14, 2001
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    I have seen decent results at the live auctions I have attended. I suggest you check out local auction houses that sell watches and or clocks at dedicated auctions. If you ahve a large collection there are several horological auction houses that will pick them up from you.

    The key issues are insurance/security, commissions and buyer's premium. Security deals with how they keep it safe and control the people who examine it and the sale preview. The commission is how much they take from the hammer price. Commission is based on this and does not include buyer's premium. High premium means you get less of total price the buyer pays. As a rule of thumb expect the house to take 1/4 to1/3.

    There are also people who sell on line exclusively and they usually take a comparable "cut".

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