Chime Sequence is off on ODO Mantle Clock-Help?

Discussion in 'Hints & How-to's' started by hank buck, Dec 27, 2018.

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  1. hank buck

    hank buck Registered User

    Dec 9, 2018
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    Hi All:
    Best of the season to you.
    i rescued an ODO Art Deco mantle clock. It runs very well and the chiming came on line after a bit of cleaning and oiling. I encountered an out of sync situation on the chiming today. It was chiming at 10:15 with the tones for 10:45.
    I have a lousy ear so when I looked at Bangster's 2017 message of the sequences it was not as mine. Mine work on a Westminster Sequence with 4 tone for quarter, 8 on the half, 12 on 3/4 and then 16 on the hour, a pause and the number of the hours. 1 for 1 am or pm etc. About 2 weeks ago it just kept time and with some cleaning the chime came around. No event precipitated this condition, so I am puzzled and don' IMG_6223.JPG IMG_6224.JPG IMG_6225.JPG IMG_6229.JPG t want to start moving the hand around etc with generic hints from on line instructions. Could somebody weigh in on this issue, please? Thanks

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