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Chapter 78 (Electrical Horology Society) News

Pat L.

NAWCC Member
Jul 28, 2003
Down below you will find the latest Chapter 78 news. If you are interested in electrical horology and want to be included on the Chapter 78 emailing list, please provide your name and email address by P.M..

Thanks, Pat L.

Patrick Loftus
Chapter 78 Secretary

Chapter 78 News

A Chapter 78 meeting was held at the Eastern States Regional on Aug. 19. You can read about it in the "Chapter Highlights" section of the Nov/Dec 2022 NAWCC Mart. The next Chapter 78 meeting will be held at the Mid-East Regional at York, PA on Oct. 15. There will be a power-point presentation. Please attend if you can. Bringing a show & tell clock or two would be appreciated.

The past issues of the Chapter 78 Journals have been placed on the Chapter 78 pages of the NAWCC website. Clicking on this link will take you there: https://new.nawcc.org/index.php/chapter-78-electrical-horology-society
The Journals will be found under the "Chapter Materials" tab. There is a Journal index to help you to find whatever you are looking for.

The "Chapter Links" section of the Chapter 78 web pages have been updated. If you find that any of the links don't work, or if you have any other electrical horology links that you think should be added, just let me know. Thanks to Bob Pritzker for providing most of these links while at the ESR.

The next Chapter 78 Electric Horology Journal is in the planning stage and may be finished by the end of the year. Let me know if you have anything that you think might fit in the Journal, such as:
1. Articles on electric clocks, electric clock companies, electric clock inventors, etc.
2. Electric clock literature (instructions, manuals, catalogs, etc.) that you think would be of interest, especially things that haven't been published previously.
3. Classified Ads, such as want list items, for sale items, services offered to other electric clock owners, etc. (There is no cost for the ads, but they should be related to electrical horology).

If you know anyone who is interested in electrical horology and wants to be included on the Chapter 78 emailing list, please provide their name and email address (must be an NAWCC member). If you want to be removed from the list, just let me know by return email.

Our late President Bill Ellison's "Celebration of Life" event will be held on Sept. 10, 2022. Here's a link to his obituary with details, including time and place: Henry Ellison Obituary - Grosse Pointe Woods, MI
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