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    Dec 19, 2009
    A new Facebook Group dedicated to those with an interest in woodworks clocks is now available to all NAWCC members. You can join by entering the following in the FB search bar: cog counters: chapter #194 of the nawcc. You will be asked to provide your NAWCC membership number in order to join. The site is a private group and follows the general precept of the NAWCC regarding politeness, no political discussions and the exclusion of non-related discussions. Chris Loders is the site administrator and originator of the group and Jim DuBois is a moderator along with Chris.

    As there are always parties who ask about selling or buying; this is primarily an educational group for sharing information. If you have an occasional need to buy or sell something woodworks clock related, and you share it in the group, we ask that you take follow-up discussions to a personal message between interested parties.

    If you have difficulty accessing the group site through the FB search bar the following link should also work: Log into Facebook | Facebook

    Further information on Chapter 194 can be found at: COG Counters

    Philip Morris, Chairman, Chapter 194

    Patrick Hagans, Secretary/Treasurer
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