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Discussion in 'American Pocket Watches' started by rolandantrobus, Jul 11, 2018.

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  1. rolandantrobus

    rolandantrobus Registered User

    May 17, 2016
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    I am a newbie Illinois collector and have just bought my second watch, a Bunn Special serial num 4245127 in a Wadsworth pilot 25yr screw back and front case. My question is could this case be original? The reason I ask is my other Bunn Special a 60hr one has Bunn Special engraved on the inside of the case whereas this one does not. I know I should have asked this question before I bought it but I just couldn't resist it. Also any more information about it would be useful. $_32 (11).jpg $_32 (3).jpg $_32 (2).jpg
    $_32 (12).jpg
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  2. Steven Thornberry

    Steven Thornberry User Administrator
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    Jan 15, 2004
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    To my eye, the case seems not to have held another movement, which is a point in favor of originality. I think the Bunn Specials were sold as movements only until the mid-1920's, to be cased by the retailer. Illinois subsequently made them available as cased watches, though they also continued to sell them as movements only.
  3. terry hall

    terry hall Registered User
    NAWCC Member NAWCC Brass Member

    Apr 12, 2001
    my eye is not detecting 'extra' case screw marks in the only image provided. In hand it would be an 'instant' tell.
    this model 9 has the potential of being cased at jeweler... so yes, potential original watch, even with the 'longish' pendant stem.
  4. Kent

    Kent Registered User
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    Aug 26, 2000
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    To echo what Steven and terry have posted and add to it:

    Bunn Special serial number 4245127 was built in 1923 according to information contained in Russell W Snyder's Illinois Data Base CD. At that time, it was sold as a movement only, to be cased by the retailer at the time of initial sale to the customer in his/her choice of case - or as shown in the 1923 J.M. Lyon & Co. ad below, offered in the retailer's choice of case.

    It would be about two years later that Illinois offered the Bunn Special in a choice of factory, Bunn Special signed, cases. Nevertheless, the Bunn Special continued to be offered as a movement only to be cases by others at least as late as 1928 (and probably later).

    So, it is very possible that your movement was originally cased in a Wadsworth Watch Case Co. Pilot grade case.

    1923_Mar_Lyon_BS.jpg 1925_Apr_BS_Cased.jpg 1928_1929_23J_&_21J_BS_Mvt_Only.jpg 1928_BS_J_Boss_Case.jpg
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  5. rolandantrobus

    rolandantrobus Registered User

    May 17, 2016
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    Many thanks to everyone for their contributions here. It's been a great help.

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