Broke Students.

Discussion in 'Member News and Views' started by Omexa, Dec 3, 2018.

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    Hi, when I was going to (UTAS) University of Tasmania many years ago, I lived for a while in shared accommodation on Mount Nelson; one of the very nice people "Pommy John" who lived there was from Uttoxeter. He entered the Brown Ale Competition in Hobart. He then had to go away for work reasons for a few weeks. Myself, on holidays from Uni and Mick a mad Irishman ran out of money and Beer; we saw the results of the Competition in the Newspaper and "Pommy John", had won the Competition. We knew he made the Beer in a Green Dustbin with a Black lid; we thought where has he stashed the 3 dozen bottles that we knew he had; after a while we found them in the boot of a Rover wreck in the Garage. We thought we will just take 2 bottles to try it out; you can guess what happened; awh just a couple more won't matter; soon there were none. Poor old "Pommy John" never got to taste the winning Brew. He soon forgave us and when we asked how he could brew such a top drop he replied his Family had been brewing Beer since the 12th Century in Uttoxeter. I rest my Case, we had no money. Regards Ray
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