Bought in Prague - a miracle from Lower Silesia

Discussion in 'European & Other Pocket Watches' started by pmwas, Jan 6, 2020.

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  1. pmwas

    pmwas Registered User

    Dec 12, 2010
    Sosnowiec, Poland
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    Yesterday I was - pretty much by chance - in the lovely Czech capital city of Prague.
    Not the first time and definitely not the last, as I like Prague a lot.


    I was on a short holiday to another lovely place in Czechia, the stunning old city od Cesky Krumlov (that's a story for another time), and I decided to go - before I return home - to Prague for one day.
    Partly because -like I said - I like Prague very much and partly because it was a great occasion to make an important appointment.

    Walking from the castle (Hradcany) towards the market square…


    ...I took it left, passed by the Meisel's synagoguge, to the Cinloter antique shop (not advertising, just part of the story ;) ).


    In Prague there are many, many antique shops - bigger, smaller, less and more expensive - everyone will find one for themselves.
    Now I was headed for this particular one, because… like I said - I had an appointment.
    Some time ago I found - on their website - a specimen I was keen to aquire. I even thought about ordering it via e-mail, but my oncoming trip to Cesky Krumlov seemed like a wonderful occasion to revisit Prague and buy this watch myself - so much more exciting (not as exciting as a pure by-chance find, does not give this thrill, but still…)!

    In a box… a watch :) !


    You can see it's nicely decorated, but for now - that's pretty much it.
    I'll add it is a small (not 40mm) ladies watch.


    The hands are too short - nice, but not original (a mod one can say ;) ).
    The case was described as 'base metal', and yes - it does not have any hallmarks.


    Worn, but not worn-through, so it's not plated. Actually - as the cuvette actually IS plated - I think it might be silver, but... it's not that important.
    Now - on the cuvette...


    ...a weird mix of German and French - Ancre 15 RUBINE Chronometer Unruhe.
    The Chronometer Unruhe is quite intriguing, so I'll just make it clear now - it only means bi-metallic ("chronometer" it is sometimes called in Europe) balance wheel.

    The way the markings are made and arranged, as well as the EAH case maker's mark on the back, pretty much indicate the actual maker of the watch, which is confirmed on the movement plates:


    Eppner No 5820 - early Laehn period, circa 1855.
    For those who don't know - Eppner was a watch and clockmaker, who started the - relatively famous - Eppner brand, making clocks (incl. large tower clocks) and watches (French and Swiss ebauches) between 1850 and 1945, first in the factory in Laehn (Wlen), later Silberberg (Srebrna Gora), both located in Lower Silesia (German Empire, later Weimar Republic and German Reich).
    The factory was never reopened in Poland after the war, sadly...


    The movement is in good, running condition so (some would say 'thank God') I'm not going to disassemble it.
    I collect Eppner watches, but they are hard to come by and most you get are in terrible condition (you can find me struggling with one or two dead ones), so my collection of Eppners is neither big nor good, and now… this comes, finally! This small Eppner is superbly preserved, very nice and it was not expensive so… you know I have to be happy!


    Just one final glimpse on Pragues market square and I'm off to my boring everyday life in Sosnowiec...
    It's just over 4 hours from me, Prague, so… I'm comming back again, for sure!
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  2. novicetimekeeper

    novicetimekeeper Registered User

    Jul 26, 2015
    retired and on my second career
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    Very glad you like your purchase. I love Prague too, the first time I went it was not in the EU, but since then my visits have involved less paperwork. Now, sadly, it will go the other way.

    I've stayed in various hotels but my favourite location was one on the island partway along the Charles bridge. You felt like a local going down the steps from the bridge onto the island. It was very badly flooded a few years later, I hope it is ok now.
  3. Dr. Jon

    Dr. Jon Moderator
    NAWCC Member

    Dec 14, 2001
    Aerospace Engineer
    New Hampshire
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    I too love Prague and spent a few days in Cesky Krumlov. We stayed in a neat hotel near the town center, which is worth doing, since the place is flooded with tourists when the buses arrive.

    If you missed it, and most people do on the first visit, you should visit the National technical Museum. It's away the town center and not on many tour itineraries, but if you have been to Prague once you are very likely to return and don't miss it next time.

    This museum has a first floor largely devoted to horology, clocks watches and tools. The next floor up has scientific instruments some of which are of spectacular significance. Tycho and Kepler got together iin Prague and the guy who brought them together was Jost Burgi who made clocks and instruments, some of which are at this museum.

    There is other great stuff there and it is worth a day in its own.

    I saw some great antique clocks in Prague too but they were too rich for me.
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